Victor Davis Hanson: Israel’s Good and Bad New Realities

New alliances with Arab nations are positive but unstable, and old enemies are most dangerous when in a weakened state.

The Middle East...interprets a volatile, mercurial Trump as a more reliable ally than a predictable, smarmy, and elegant-sounding Obama, and so feel they can be more overt in their new realignments. To the Arabs, Israel may be an SOB, but it is now perceived as one of their own SOBs. @ThomasWic

@Jackie @ThomasWic Dont you just love VDH? Hes my fall back since
Charles Krauthammer passed. He was my all time favorite and we miss him.


Charles Krauthammer was what my grandpa would call "a peach of a man." I liked him a lot.

@Jackie @ThomasWic

@kbrendell @stephanieanne @Jackie @sorry, he lost me with his nasty comments about Sarah Palin, his naïveté regarding Obama and his never Trumpism.

@HockeyMom @stephanieanne @Jackie

I had to overlook some of what he said in that regard, but overall he was a level-headed liberal.

@HockeyMom @kbrendell @Jackie he was still a wise man. He was a Democrat in his earlier life, so....

@Jackie @ThomasWic

I don't see Trump as volatile and mercurial. The state of the world is volatile and mercurial though.

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