Why is POTUS sitting in front of the Canadian flag and Trudeau in front of the US flag?


@CbZ More imporantly, WTF is Trudeau wearing on his feet?

@Jackie @CbZ

He's a "sock sporter." Sometimes they're so short his leg shows when crossed ... which is too often. 😜


I honestly have no idea. I see him as Obama's flatbrained brother.

@Jackie @CbZ


The goofy look is one thing but just look at his posture, all he radiates is softness and timidness while President Trump radiates confidence and strength. It's kinda sad to watch.

@Cdubois @Jackie @CbZ

@Aristocratic_Cthulhu @stephanieanne @Cdubois @Jackie @CbZ

Everything you need to know about President Trump is shown on this picture.

It also says all that needs to be said about the position of the United States in the world.

Thia picture is going to be studied for years. Folks will get their PhDs from analysis of what's going on here.


This picture, coupled with his Tweets and the writings of Sun Tzu, will very likely be a PhD course.
Well worth the time and effort.

@Aristocratic_Cthulhu @stephanieanne @Jackie @CbZ

@Aristocratic_Cthulhu @stephanieanne @Cdubois @Jackie @CbZ

He crosses his legs in a feminine manner, and I don't understand the sock thing. 😐

@Aristocratic_Cthulhu @stephanieanne @Cdubois @Jackie @CbZ

He's all, "Ima gonna stand back because I don't know what's going on here"

@Cdubois @Jackie @CbZ I like the dynamics. PDJT sits with authority while Trudeau sits like a little boy playing dress up.

@umad80 @Cdubois @Jackie @CbZ

Looks like he got into his mom's sock drawer, perhaps he forgot to do laundry. 🧦


Nice that he can cross his legs so daintily to show off those fabulous socks.


@Jackie @CbZ

He's sitting like a woman with his hands like that too.

@Jackie @CbZ Look at his posture too. I remember having to practice that during my debutante training.🤣

@carolinacally @Jackie @CbZ
he oughta have his ass whipped just for the socks.
idk if i’ve ever seen a bigger (sorry ladies) PUSSY represent a nation.
that’s certainly debatable but DAMN!
c’mon Canucks! fkn. MAN UP.

@mastojohn @Jackie @CbZ
You know...I realize for the past 30 or so years, western culture has been at war with masculinity. What I don't understand is men who buy into it to this level.

@carolinacally @Jackie @CbZ
count me outta that #.
i been a man for many a moon.
exude testosterone.

this song ain’t my MANtra but it’s my mindset.
being a man is you ain’t scared but fully realizing there’s a time when you might be.
then you fight like hell.


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