Moment DOZENS of 'pedophiles' are arrested in undercover sting operation where deputies posed as minors online to lure them to a Florida home where the cops were waiting

Twenty-five men traveled to the home in Sarasota County to sleep with a child
Instead they walked into a trap set-up by the Florida police and were arrested
Footage shows the men walking into the home expecting to be greeted by minor


This is such a great idea and should be happening across the nation!

@JM @Jackie

Have you ever seen 'To Catch A Predator'.. It was a Dateline show with Chris Hansen. They did the exact same thing.

The episodes are on YouTube


Yes, never missed it. Great show, I thought it was returning.


@Jackie 🤦‍♀️ I may be naïve. I think the world is full of more Sickos then normal people. What creeps🤢

Good. They should stage these types of stings more often.

@Jackie God bless these men for the work they do, this is such a demon-infested dreg culture; what a noble job the cops are doing!

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