Great read.

Victor Davis Hanson: Trump’s High-Wire Act of Reestablishing Deterrence without War

Trump’s opponents at home and abroad would love to see him get the U.S. into a messy intervention right before the election.



Trump is a builder. He hates war.

And AS ALWAYS, nobody thinks about the capabilities of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

When fifty men can hold off 40,000 for a month straight, it's time to give the GCC some props.

There's no need for us to go to war.

Our allies are doing the heavy lifting.

@ThomasWic This is why I can't stand Caitlin Johnstone.

She genuinely believes that President Trump is evil and is set to make Iran the next Libya/Iraq.

She also likes to act hign and mighty about people using logic fallacies when she uses them herself.

@ADudeFromNowhere @ThomasWic
You just described the supposed "antiwar" leftists. They have this obsession with interventions and neocons. They cannot let go with their hatred, they keep obsessing about it and hitting Trump on this nonsense. 🙄

They really are getting exposed for what they are. Just look at Tulsi Gabbard when she talks about the middle east and Trump.

@Jackie i have faith years of war and American lives lost he will not go there. ❤️❤️


Wow. In one sentence Hanson explains Valerie Jarrett: "Obama, in delusional fashion, believed that empowering Iran would balance Sunni states and bring justice to historically oppressed Shiite and Persian minorities who would take their rightful place in the Islamic world."


Big fan of Victor Davis Hanson, Farmer/Thinker.

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