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For @athena12

You wrote, "I love animals a lot but you have to know who's who in the zoo."

There was a series on cable about people who had dangerous pets.

These people ALWAYS end up being killed.

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@Jackie Trump “put a knife” on AMLO’s neck (tariffs and immigration policies). Every time he thanks him on his rallies what he’s really doing is to help AMLO to “safe face”.

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The Bay of Pigs veteran's association gave him that award
Scroll down a page or two to see the reference.

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Kennedy organized an attack to get Castro OUT. 1960. Cuban ex-pats were to land on the Bay of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos), Cuba.

The invasion force was Cubans who had fled Communism. Kennedy sent them off promising air cover. They landed on the beach....AND KENNEDY CHANGED HIS MIND.

Left the Cuban ex-pats on the beach WITHOUT air cover, cut to ribbons by Castro's forces. The survivors were imprisoned, tortured, and many were executed.

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@Joycevor @Jackie

I saw him get the absolute hell chewed out of him.

While it's true that dogs are hierarchical, you DON'T flip them on them backs and make them surrender.

Such dogs will wait for the right moment and then bite off your face.

The answer is to not have savage dogs.

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@ThomasWic @Jackie My dog trainer used to say that. She was tough as nails. Used to point out that she thought he was using shock training but hiding it in his videos.

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That was very uplifting. I've been trying to push myself to invent some little devices for a product idea I have, and I was tossing and turning during my nap before this with nightmares equal to my situation. Then later I was watching this, and it was easy to draw diagrams and muddle through what ideas I needed, prioritize what I need to do, while listening to and watching this.

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This is an actual Twitter avatar chosen by someone in all seriousness.

First, this ghastly photo of David Hogg was taken, and then people chose it as their avatars.

Because they like it.

What can you even say, except that an enormous percentage of us are batshit crazy.

The great state of New Mexico we love you and the best is yet to come. Together we will make America wealthy, strong, safe and great again! Thank you New Mexico! Thank you!

And it's over and he's leaving the podium.


We will never let them take it down "In God We Trust."

He's going over how we built the most exceptional country in the history of the world (standard wrap-up at the end of his rallies).

Crowd is staring to chant, I think there's protestor. People are booing a little. It was a single protester, Trump says they had 2 people protesting tonight but tomorrow they'll say it was a massive protest.

We'll defend your privacy, your free speech, religious liberty and your second amendment. And we're defending the 2nd amendment right now.

We believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life and that mothers and fathers, not government, know best how to raise strong loving families.

Talking about light bulbs and how removing regulations will make people's lives better. We're doing the same thing with cars, we have so many rules and regulations that the cars aren't safer. We'll let them be a little bit heavier so they're safer, if they get hit they don't collapse like paper mache. It's safer and costs less. California is fighting it in litigation.

Talking about "suppression polls" says we're going to win the state of New Mexico, he'll be surprised if we don't win, so surprised, but we're going to win the state. Talks about cutting taxes and regulations, built up the military, took care of the vets. The vets now have choice. They get taken care of, we pay the bill. They tried to get that done for 45 years but couldn't do it. We get things done.

Reminiscing about Election Night (he made a comment a few minutes ago about not wanting to leave too early so he's telling stories to stretch it out)

You must never forget to get out there and vote because we're facing a lot of opposition.

Asks if anyone watched the democrat debate the other night. The press says Donald Trump is down 3% to Boot-edge-edge.

Talks about military installations in New Mexico that are going to make a lot of new jobs. We're investing in nuclear energy, Sandia and Los Alamos Laboratories. He withdrew us from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

Talks about late term abortion and crowd responds loudly booing then cheering when Trump says we're protect babies.

Talks about the fake news media, the deep state and what we're doing, not going to get into details but you know what I'm talking about. Drain the swamp, clean the swamp. We have some republicans we call them RINOS, they're worse than the Obama people.

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