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If anyone has "cut the cord" on cable and wondering what free streaming services there are out there, I thought I'd start a list.

USTVGO has basic cable channels plus HBO, Showtime and Starz streaming live Eastern Time. Free.

Pluto TV is live streaming TV with hundreds of channels, many devoted to just one TV show so you can binge watch 24 hours a day. Also movie channels and some original programming. Free.

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Q about the stock market.

I think they think we're doing a good job and think the administration doing great job keeping people informed because there was a great fear. You have 100s of thousands of people who already had it and recovered.

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The daily press briefing by the Coronavirus Task Force is supposed to start soon.


Entertaining read.

Roger Kimball: What a Year! The Coronavirus Crisis in Retrospect

The crisis led to a new appreciation of contingency—an appreciation of the fact that our world is beset not only by the fragility of normality but also the normality of fragility.

Good article.

Tocqueville’s Lessons in a Time of Pandemic

As the crisis continues, and in the aftermath, the activity of the citizens that Alexis de Tocqueville described so well in his book must always include assessing how well their local and state governments have prepared for ordinary and extraordinary events.

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@umad80 That movie was funny. Also, she was hilarious in 'Horrible Bosses'.
p.s. I was very impressed at how Jennifer showed so much class after her divorce from Brad. He left her for, as it turned out, a screeching harpy with a Chinese restaurant menu tattooed on her back.

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@Baline Isn't it gross? And what pisses me off is poor Jennifer Aniston said she didn't have a hard time staying home. As in, she's got a big house and it's not as hard for her. She didn't mean it selfishly and the mob attacked her.

Kristie Alley though really laid into Paltrow. I love Kristie. She's becoming a national treasure. 😁

(psst, Rebecca was a way better character than Diane.)

Terror suspect shouting 'Allahu Akbar' stabs two to death in French town locked down by coronavirus then yells 'kill me' as he is arrested by armed police

The suspect knifed 'at least nine people' in Romans-sur-Isère, southern France
The attack comes on France's third week of lockdown due to the coronavirus
The suspect - a Sudanese national in his thirties - was arrested at the scene

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@JackPosobiec: "Incredible news

>@spectatorindex: 'ITALY: Number of patients in intensive care has dropped for the first time since the crisis began'"

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I just saw an ad for with Jennifer Garner saying 30 mil. children rely on school for food. Then some other woman says with schools shut down, these children are extra vulnerable. So we had an idea, We're going to read you books. WTF? Finally it ends with info/links to donate to this,..joint effort, I guess. It just struck me as so odd that they never said, we are trying to raise $ for food. The ad went from kids missing school meals, so we will tell them stories. *Is it just me?

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The _Washington Post's_ "fact checker," ladies and gentlemen*...

@bennyjohnson: "Journos: Why do people hate us and call us dishonest?

Also Journos:

>@GlennKesslerWP: 'Line from Trump's State of the Union address that did not age well: 'Incredibly, the average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any administration in the history of our country.''"

(H/Ts @drawandstrike RT, *@DanCrenshawTX )

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I guess I will be ready to go to the grocery store next Friday.

It is hot to wear so it won’t get much use unless we get another snow storm.

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The hardest-working fake former WH press secretary at the wrong end of the briefing room...

@sean_spicier: "Democrats will have three drinkers of aquarium cleaner lined up by Monday"

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@IMAO_: "If aliens attacked, do you think we’d all band together then or would there be a bunch of people going 'Let’s call it the Trump Alien Attack!'?"

(H/T @exjon RT )

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People at home are watching, and seeing how low quality the reporters' questions are. It's like they're counterfeit questions made in China or something.


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@DineshDSouza: "The press briefings are delightful proof that the media Left is a paper tiger. Trump just toys with them. What ridiculous overgrown babies! No Republican in the future needs to fear these losers"

(H/T @drawandstrike RT )

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Right now, TN's cumulative total of confirmed cases is 3067, of which the TN Department of Health says 248 have recovered and 37 have died, leaving 2,782 active cases in the state. With the model predicting 3,379 hospital beds needed _today,_ the number of hospital beds is overestimated by at least 21%, and probably much more, since only 8.7% of all confirmed cases in TN were ever hospitalized. Assuming that 8.7% of the currently active cases are hospitalized, that would be about 242 people.

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Thank you for your time to write the POTUS pressers.
I truly appreciate your good work.

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Declassified With Gina Shakespeare

Is There a Massive Cover-up in China?

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