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"demanded that Amazon ... do more to combat climate change and cut ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement"

They are out of their minuscule minds.

Most are going back to the unemployment line. It's only a matter of time.

Tech giants have really created a monster by giving their employees so much power.


Amazon protests erupt worldwide as employees use Prime Day to raise awareness about poor working conditions, inadequate pay and the e-commerce giant's links to ICE

Amazon employees across the US and Germany staged walk outs on Monday
They demanded that Amazon improve working environments, do more to combat climate change and cut ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement


: Latina border patrol agent pictured with Mike Pence at Texas detention center becomes viral sensation and hits back at critics who slammed her working at the migrant facility

The pretty officer gained nearly 23,000 Twitter followers in around 24 hours

But many people have been outraged at the inappropriate nickname for a guard at a detention center and incensed by her proud response to the overnight fame

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There’s been no real news for over two decades—maybe even longer.
I actually remember when CNN really did report on events. I’m sure they had a bias even back then, but not this in-your-face accountability journalism BS that has destroyed the MSM, and that Trump is now exposing for all the world to see.

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So, I'm still trying to figure out what's so controversial about Trump's tweets. No one is explaining, but they're all telling you that it is.

Fatty Meghan McCain came closet because telling someone to go back to their shithole country is racist. How though, she doesn't say.

Harris "fake eyelashes" Faulkner is telling us that it's a tired troupe to tell women of color to get back to their country. I'm not sure how.

Little Benji Shapiro just said it's xenophobic but doesn't tell us how. 🤷‍♀️

CBS "news" anchor reports that Trump's tweets are racist. That's not news, that's opinion.


Norah O'Donnell makes her CBS Evening News debut: Anchor calls Trump's tweets about congresswomen 'racist' before interviewing Jeff Bezos about affordable space travel and Caroline Kennedy on her father's legacy

O'Donnell explicitly called Trump's recent tweets about congresswomen 'racist'
The veteran TV journalist wants her newscast to remain 'the most trusted voice'

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Life is complex.

James Bond has a "license to kill."

If he CAN'T HANDLE IT, he needs to be in a different line of business.

I see body camera footage of cops freaking out after they kill an ARMED ATTACKER.

How is that possible? Didn't the cop anticipate that it might happen?

Nobody's saying that we have to celebrate killing criminals, but when they give you no choice, DO IT AND MOVE ON.


Attendees Shoot Down SPLC Smear Calling Trump Social Media Confab a 'Hate Summit'

On Thursday, President Donald Trump hosted a summit to discuss bias against conservatives on social media. Liberal groups and outlets attacked the gathering, but none was worse than the profiteering "hate" monitor, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

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These pathetic DUMBASSES are telling the country that Trump must be impeached over TWEETS.

The Democrats are toast.


'It is time for us to impeach this president': Omar, AOC and radical 'squad' fire back after Trump tells them to leave America if they don't like it – but he's thrilled the Democratic Party is 'embracing them'

The women refused to answer any of the president's specific charges against them.

Trump has accused Omar of being a communist and sympathetic to al Qaeda.

'I will not dignify it with an answer,' said Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

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Washington Court of Appeals rejects Seattle’s "wealth tax" | Pacific Legal Foundation

Seattle, July 15, 2019: Today, the Washington State Court of Appeals released its decision in a case challenging Seattle's so-called wealth tax. The court ruled that the Washington State Constitution requires that an income tax be equal on all people, meaning that Seattle could not lawfully target one group of people with the tax. "For ...


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I was talking about the details I posted along with an article.

When I saw them again, boosted, I felt like part of the problem.

You didn't see it because I deleted it.


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I posted it and the details already.

When I saw them boosted it made me sick, so I pulled it.

See if you don't feel the same.


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This is tonight from Edina, MN—not photoshopped! About 5 mi. away is St Louis Park where the city council moved against the Pledge of Allegiance. h/t MD
-Laura Ingraham

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"Amazing. Trump's standing up there waving his arms and attacking the Justice Squad in Congress and the media is fixated on it, the Justice D harpies play right into his hands with that stupid press conference.

Meanwhile Barr is doing THIS:"


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Cari Kelemen

Follow @KelemenCari

Good news: Barr invoked §1158(a)(2)(a) a multilateral treaty that declares Mexico a safe third country, so now all asylum seekers will be sent legally to Mexico for their hearing.

Better news: NO COURT shall have jurisdiction to review any determination by the AG under (a)(2)!
2:07 PM - 15 Jul 2019

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Since he had that passport which listed his residence as being in Saudi Arabia, it is a shame he did not get arrested with his photo CD's. The Middle East is harsh about pornography. Not sure where they stand when the victims are underage.

@ThomasWic I just saw this story and it reminded me of the recent troll murders you talked about.


An upstate man allegedly slit the throat of a teenage social media influencer he was dating — then posted a grisly photo of her lifeless body to Instagram along with a message that said “sorry."

"When cops found him lying next to his black SUV in Utica, he allegedly pulled a knife and slit his own throat then posted a photo of his neck gushing blood on Instagram.


Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had stash of cash, diamonds and a fake Saudi passport at NYC mansion, prosecutors reveal - as he brazenly stares down his victims in court while they beg judge to deny him bail

The billionaire pedophile, 66, will now learn on Thursday whether he will be released ahead of his trial on federal sex trafficking charges
Epstein obtained a passport from Saudi Arabia in the 1980s that had his photo but another person's name


Agent Kujan
‏ @pinoyrudeboy
Replying to @SchplArgonian @sullivanradio

I think for the vast majority of people that don't follow politics so closely, it will come off as Americans vs. Anti American. Before this tweet, Trump was being savaged with concentration camp narrative from the squad. He is just dragging them down in the mud with him

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