It's not either or.
Schumer is both stupid and a liar.

@Nellbell71 COVID has opened our eyes. State and local governments are SO important. Just imagine haw many people don’t vote in those elections because they think it doesn’t matter. It does.

We have COIN aircraft.

We just don't talk about them.

Wonder why not...


AOC is the only waitress in history that brings absolutely nothing to the table.

@Mongo3804 what's so troubling is that this gentleman had to deliver this speech in the first place!

At this point can we just “circle back” to the Trump administration?

People complain, prove things, publish on social media, but nothing is ever done! Yet anything to take down Trump or conservatives is magnified and fast tracked for prosecution. How do we get past being ignored. How do we make them engage? You can’t drain a swamp with a spoon. I think we need to look at how prosecutors are chosen.

Oh, absolutely! They will all agree that Joe needs to go back to his basement! @BenKTallmadge

Do you remember what the turtle told the Dems about ending the filibuster? It would set an unfortunate precedent if they weren’t in power. Now he’s all for setting another regrettable precedent by going for impeachment of a ex-president. McConnell is a slimy POS. But then again maybe Trump is a not so ex ex-president.🧐


See, this is EXACTLY why all of this HAD to happen.

All these idiots had to do was read Biden's campaign Website to know that he was going to do this.

But they didn't, so now they're sad.



In my state after weeks and weeks of the local media feigning a covid apocalypse just two days after the “inauguration”covid cases are significantly lower as are hospitalizations. It’s a miracle I tell you. A miracle.🥴


A pillow salesman thinks he has info that somehow eluded Trump

Clown World 😂

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