If anything they should be called to assist in deporting the illegals not help in lodging illegals in 'sanctuary' cities.

Things I miss about the Trump presidency.
Watching the joy of people saying Merry Christmas again. Pride in America, respect for police and armed forces. A booming economy, and a general feeling of optimism.I miss the feeling of confidence and trust for the man in the Oval Office. I miss seeing unexpected and hilarious things happen, like Pelosi’s luggage stacked up in the hallway. I miss the mean tweets. I just miss Him. 4 years was not enough.

Hubbard isn't crazy.

In fact, his decision is logical, from a certain POV.

More and more men will take advantage of this insanity.

Of that you can be certain.

And I am guessing that most women will still say nothing.

Especially so called feminists.


End of day, I don't care. Either women want to fight for female athletes, or they don't.

Tucker Carlson provided this partial list on what Biden gave the Taliban as a parting gift:

22,174 Humvees
8,000 trucks
169 M113 armoured carriers
634 M1117 tanks
4 C-130 transport planes
23 Tucano planes
28 Cessna planes
350 Combat/Blackhawk helis
358,530 assault rifles
126,000 handguns
64,363 machines

The Taliban straight up said that they would kill or capture as many US troops as they could, unless the ID of all US citizens & SIVs wee handed to them.

To be fair - this was bitterly opposed by the Pentagon & Defense.

They were overruled by POTUS himself via Jake Sullivan & Susan Rice. Both know that a massacre of US troops sinks ten entire regime and may lead to criminal charges.

For them & their fellow crooks.




Ross Wilson WAS the US ambassador in Kabul.

The guy who flew the Pride Flag as The Taliban was rolling towards Kabul.

A monumental failure, in every way.

I note that Wilson got out of Kabul when he could, tail between his legs, dirty little coward.

Leaving US citizens behind.

May he burn in hell.

The end.

So was that photo of Biden from yesterday?

Appears not.

Also it seems it's been photoshopped.

Good grief.

Even when they're lying, they can't get it right.

Psaki, Harris, Biden all AWOL.

Gone into hiding, like the cowards they are? Or plotting more poison to destroy America?
Or both? Who knows?

America tonight is effectively leaderless.



If Trump isn't the man to restore America, that should frighten the hell out of the traitors who have betrayed their own nation.


Trump's replacement will do the job. Fast and hard.

No get out of jail card.

No free rides.

A reckoning awaits. THEIR reckoning.

They'll be begging for Trump before this is over.

The criminals should be under no illusions about that.

Let's see what happens.

The end.

One thing is certain.

At least to me.

Trump is a legend, whatever happens.

And these crooks won't be able to keep their scam going much longer. It's a 24/7 dystopian nightmare of incompetence, crime and corruption.

Everyone can see it.

My hope is that Trump returns and somehow restores order, but he will have to be far more ruthless than in the past, which seems to be against his true nature.

A final thought.

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