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He cracks me up. I get his humor.
It was on full display in his last speech at the Rep retreat in B'more.

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Far better than the lefty comedians promoted these days.

I also appreciate that he hasn't gotten all uppity like some past presidents.....He's REAL.


He has accepted 'who' he is and walks and talks it with no fear. This is why he is so loved.

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Oh My Dog! I just realized that if I had written "uppity" on twatter describing an ex-president I'd probably get banned!

To clarify, by uppity I mean thinking one is better than others, thinks their dookie doesn't reek, puts on false airs, literally looks down their nose and believes they can commit crimes without paying the piper. 😜

@JM @skhillx3 @Unseen1_unseen U realize we have 5 and a bit more of Trump. Time passes so fast.I actually can get teary eyed thinking about it.So thankful for him.Ive never felt this way before.Im having the time of my life.. Ok now.. Name that tune😁

@JM @skhillx3 @Unseen1_unseen Dedicated to The Greatest President Ever. Trump Thank you πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ youtu.be/WpmILPAcRQo

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