Funny note.

I think I found where a big fracture in the Dems exists.

I'm comparing the House vote to table impeachment with the Dems on the House Judiciary Committee.

Of the 24 Dems on the House Judiciary Committee, 8 voted against the impeachment hearings.

I started digging into it a bit more. Here's the vote record Here's a quick breakdown of the judiciary committee members.

Just so y'all can follow along.

First thing to note?

Not a SINGLE ONE of the Florida Dems voted in favor of impeachment hearings. Seriously. Deutch, Demings, and Powell all voted in favor of tabling (ie ignoring) impeachment hearings.

Something tells me they already know Florida is going to be in Trump's favor come 2020, and they're trying to survive.

Seems like a bit shaky, right?

Well let's take a look at another state's Dems.

Georgia. 2 of them are on the House Judiciary Committee for the Dems. Hank Johnson and Lucy McBath. Both from House districts representing affluent Atlanta suburbs.

Both voted against impeachment.

Ok, so 1's a statistic, 2's a coincidence, but 3?

There's one Dem out of Arizona on the House Judiciary Committee. Stanton. Arizona's another key battleground state balanced on a razor edge. He too voted against impeachment.

3 states whose reps on the committee voted against impeachment make it a pattern.

These are survival tactics, as they don't want the vote used against them when Trump barnstorms through their state during 2020.

Want one more nail in the coffin?

The chairman for the House Democratic Caucus is on the Judiciary Committee, Hakeem Jeffries.

AKA, this guy is part of the House Dems Leadership, their mainstream.

Guess how he voted?

Yep. Against impeachment.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't admit to there being an outlier in this theory of mine, Lou Correa, whose House district includes Orange County.

Buuuut, this WAS the district that used to be held by Republican House Rep Dana Rohrabacher for a decade until Obama's second term.

Maybe the polling in some of the House districts Obama won for the Dems isn't as rosy and 'orange man bad' as the Dems might like?

Meanwhile, judging from reporting on the hearing (I didn't watch it myself as it went pretty much exactly like I expected: a complete shitshow where nothing of note occurred and no perjury charges will stem from) shows the Dems going pretty hard on the impeach line of thought.

So... I think that the majority of the House Judiciary Committee has gone rogue.

I think they went rogue and are resisting the mainstream Dems because they're getting some VERY bad advice.

If they were rehearsing and preparing and practicing for this Mueller Hearing as much as it was reported they were, and the delay may have been to get additional time for them to prepare, then they should have been aware exactly how it would go down: with Mueller looking like a befuddled moron and their talking points falling flat.

Someone who was helping them prepare gave them a thumbs up and told them they were good to go.

Their own Dem committee isn't even fully on board with impeachment

The more I'm looking at this, the more I fully believe that @ThomasWic 's Judas Goats prodded the radical impoochmintz lefties which make up the majority of the Dems of the committee to walk right into this claymore mine of a hearing.




Kyle thank you, great insight! The Judas Goats are alive and well!

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

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