@redwhitebluedude This was almost my story. A brother I adored who began smoking pot, then to harder drugs, then to prison. My brother was better. He didn't become a neo-nazi gang member. But that damn poison took his life.

Rapinoe, instead of seeing that watching her big brother go down this dark path kept her on a better path - as that's how I see it for me - instead is angry.

If he was on drugs at 12 I guarantee she lived a life in fear as I did. She’s angry and takes it out on America.

@umad80 Well, people react differently to similar circumstances. Glad this came out and thank you for your input. I am very appreciative of that. Puts this in proper perspective.



This example is exactly why this forum is so wonderful. We learn of others experiences that allow us view things differently.

Thank you @umad80 for sharing yours. ❤️


@JM @umad80
Yup, I knew following people like @ThomasWic and @Debradelai
goes beyond politics. You can gleam some life lessons off of them.

@redwhitebluedude @JM @umad80 @ThomasWic @Debradelai just keep a dictionary handy because they will test your knowledge of the English language. Which to me is actually refreshing after 2 decades of "LOL"

@redwhitebluedude @WarriorPoet @JM @ThomasWic @Debradelai Same. That's a good thing as I love to learn and I love writing (fiction) so it's always good to know more words. 👍

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