1. Ukrainian government now roped into SpyGate in a BIG way.

Some aren't seeing the explosive nature of this story. Remember, Chalupa was seeking dirt from the Ukrainian government on Trump and Manafort as early as Jan 2016 - if not earlier - BEFORE the Trump-Russia lie existed.

Before revealing her DNC affiliation, she was doing it covertly, masquerading as a Ukrainian/US citizen dissident.


2. And what about this.

In Jan 2016, Chalupa apparently knew Manafort was going to be on Trump's campaign team.

Some THREE MONTHS before Manafort joined.

'In January 2016, Chalupa informed an unknown senior DNC official that she believed there was a Russian connection with the Trump campaign. Notably, this theme would be picked up by the Clinton campaign in the summer of 2016. Chalupa also told the official to expect Manafort’s involvement in the Trump campaign.'


3. Lee Stranahan has been all over this since 2017. He deserves an enormous amount of credit for his tireless work on this part of the scandal. Read more here :




Manafort was a plant? Because that is what it sounds like. Didn't he work with the Podesta's?

@JM @REX If Manafort was a plant wouldn't he have given up all the information he had to get a lessor sentence.? Why didn't he give up the Podestas?


We don't know if he did, or not. He may value his life more...?




I have always thought that Manafort was a plant.


Trump knows it as well. 🤔 How about PapaD?

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