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Bob Woodward saying CIA tried to add Steele Dossier to the Intel Community Assessment of the 2016 Election.

Classic distraction technique - “look here, they tried to corrupt the ICA, but REAL intel officials said no”.

So this “stellar great ICA” cant be called into question.


1) Woodward spent 2 years with WAPO and his buddy Bernstein trashing PDJT but NOW we let him jump on the bandwagon to distract us from truth

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Let’s make this an every morning thing like we used to do in school. Please stand, place your hand over your heart:

I pledge ALLEGIANCE to the FLAG of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, One Nation, Under GOD, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!

Justice for ALL is being restored which will ensure liberty and repair fractures in the social fabric of America, with GOD’s help, our Flag will stand as a beacon of Freedom for the world to emulate again!

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I ask you to consider Trump in 1775

Sending a letter to the opposition.

Laying out your grievances, being reasonable, seeming to want to be loyal. Not long after - ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Remember that. This is Trumps olive branch petition. Democrats will be destroyed in a year.

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So I am now officially allowed to TOOT - much of which will probably cone from my TOOTER - sorry bout that in advance

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I'm kind of disappointed.

Yesterday, the Mexican Senate approved the USMCA almost unanimously (only 4 votes against) and nobody is talking here.

An ENORMOUS triumph for the Trump administration.

This thing is happening.

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(1) Unless you have been under a rock for the last two years, you have been either pestered by, or fallen for the "Q-larp," a singular hoax some folks with an IQ lower than Joe Biden's like to call the "Q Movement."

The fact that their promoters were exposed a long time ago matters not.

@ThomasWic and I have been pointing to them from the start.

Even NBC caught up.

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Man in the Middle : The Importance of George Papadopoulos.

George Papadopoulos is the nexus of two astonishing Obama scandals: SpyGate, and ObamaGate.

They are without any doubt the worst scandals in American history. As REX explains, Papadopoulos and both scandals fuse in the natural gas pipeline wars of the Middle East.

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A tweet by Kamala Harris that did not age well.

She says Trump is marching us toward war with Iran, and when Iran shoots down an American drone, Trump says, "Hey! Anyone can make a mistake."

Now she and her crew are having emergency meetings to figure out SOMETHING they can fling at Trump that will stick.

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We can revive the tariffs in 10 minutes flat.

They will, if only because they have no choice.

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"North Korea executed Kim Hyok Chol, its special envoy to the United States, and foreign ministry officials who carried out working-level negotiations for the second U.S.-North Korea summit in February, holding them responsible for its collapse, a South Korean newspaper reported on Friday."

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(1) During the Nixon hearings in the early 70s, Hildebeast was a staffer for Jerome (Jerry) Zeifman, counsel for the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives.

Zeifman was a life long Democrat.

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(1) you know I have very little tolerance for those who quote "Wikipedia" or, as I call it,l WikiBullshit or WikiNausea.

We have already discussed the Socialist bias in that source for cretins.

But let's show you a reminder.

Look for "Francisco Franco."

"...a Spanish general and politician who ruled over Spain as a dictator under the title Caudillo..."

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(1) An old friend of mine, Sam (Samuel Blair Ross), was a WWII vet.

He was the only survivor of a B-29 shut down over Yugoslavia.

I asked him once about his Purple Heart and a case full of medals he kept at home. All he said was, gently: I don't want to talk about it.

And I never did, and I never asked again. We understood each other.

He died in my arms, aged 94, the oldest practicing attorney in the Florida Bar at the time.

He worked until 30 days before his death.

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Trump can make a deal with ANYBODY.

He spent fifty years preparing.

The hardest lesson for me to learn was that the world is addicted to what the historian Barbara Tuchman called folly.

Tuchman defined folly as making decisions that you KNOW ARE STUPID, but going ahead and making them anyway.

History is full of folly.

Only Trump and his allies have broken the cycle of folly-failure-folly-failure.

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Trump planned his presidency for fifty years, as we see from this article.

In 1969, he began thinking about changing the world.

Therefore, what did Trump begin doing from the start?

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(10) For the mob, it must be remembered, infallibly inclines, not to the side of the soundest logic and loftiest purpose, but to the side of the loudest noise, and without the artificial aid of a large and complex organization of press-agents and the [threat of jail], even a President of the United States would be unable to bawl down the whole fraternity."


And you think we got it bad today...

We just use different words, the bullshit is the same.

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(1) I found this in my Twatter archive that i wrote to you on 25 August 2017.

Tempus fugit.

Here it goes:

We have discussed before how we both admire @GenFlynn 's service and dedication, not to mention his abilities.

Like all men of his stature, partisan politics isn't an issue.

When it comes to our common defense, the keyword is common.

Want to try something with all my followers and all of SQV.

Please tell me YOUR headline over the last 7 days. What is the biggest thing out there for YOU?


I’ve been mostly offline for the last week. I traveled through Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state. Such beauty and great countryside.

Have no idea what’s going on now that I am back online. Playing catch up.

Thanks in advance

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(1) Let's discuss "forum spam."

First, a reminder of what spam is:

"Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

1.1 Unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet.
as modifier ‘an autogenerated spam website’"

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