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Bob Woodward saying CIA tried to add Steele Dossier to the Intel Community Assessment of the 2016 Election.

Classic distraction technique - “look here, they tried to corrupt the ICA, but REAL intel officials said no”.

So this “stellar great ICA” cant be called into question.


1) Woodward spent 2 years with WAPO and his buddy Bernstein trashing PDJT but NOW we let him jump on the bandwagon to distract us from truth

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Let’s make this an every morning thing like we used to do in school. Please stand, place your hand over your heart:

I pledge ALLEGIANCE to the FLAG of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, One Nation, Under GOD, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!

Justice for ALL is being restored which will ensure liberty and repair fractures in the social fabric of America, with GOD’s help, our Flag will stand as a beacon of Freedom for the world to emulate again!

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I ask you to consider Trump in 1775

Sending a letter to the opposition.

Laying out your grievances, being reasonable, seeming to want to be loyal. Not long after - ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

Remember that. This is Trumps olive branch petition. Democrats will be destroyed in a year.

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So I am now officially allowed to TOOT - much of which will probably cone from my TOOTER - sorry bout that in advance

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(1) Let's discuss "forum spam."

First, a reminder of what spam is:

"Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

1.1 Unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet.
as modifier ‘an autogenerated spam website’"

Joe Biden’s slogan? Calls for his MAMA to save the country


Typical damn snowflake.Hey Joe, get out yo momma’s basement

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@JJ @ThomasWic ...and...the page was taken down. Serious bizzarro world where a people FIGHTING for liberty and democracy is blocked and removed from twitter but then again, we already know what side of history THEY stand on.

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Reuters Top News
‏Verified account @Reuters

JUST IN: Federal Aviation Administration prohibits U.S. air operators from flying below 26,000 feet over Venezuela's airspace until further notice; all U.S. air operators in Venezuela asked to depart within 48 hours

Short video, but I want to point a couple of things out.

A) The resistance/Revolutionaries are getting organized.
B) They are defecting WITH their weapons
C) See the arm bands - they are able to identify each other with those arm bands.

Maduro, Putin,Cuba are about to be GONE


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She is beautiful, her outfit is stunning. I don't see swimming in this, no problem with wading or just enjoying the surf. Which is what many do anyways! Bikini's are for sunbathing.

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This soldier, who defected from the Maduro regime this morning, is saying:
"I will follow Juan Guaido to death."

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So true and the anti-semites in Congress, expressing their anger about it.

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I heard this this morning, it is about time! Some are saying they group doesn't qualify, I am certain the information is there that claims otherwise.

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I just spent a few minutes reading the Twitter TL of an antisemitic Iranian Trump-hating troll. I need a shower.

Silver lining though, I've blocked a dozen of them and reported one or two. Not that there's any point reporting to Twitter those who plan attacks on synagogues, mosques and churches, and who promote same.

They don't police their own platform, which is another excellent reason to hang out at Quod Verum.

Thx again @Debradelai xox

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The Sri Lanka terrorists are jihadists.

The Pittsburgh, Poway, and Christchurch terrorists are anti-Trump, anti-USA, antisemitic, and anti-Islamic bigots.

The 2020 campaign season is bringing out the crazies irl and online, and it's 19 months until election day.

Thank God for the excellent law enforcement & national security results achieved under President Trump.

Stay vigilant, and promote safety, peace and the rule of law.

See something, say something.

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@JJ @NevadaJack Haha That must be making them spit fire. Has anyone checked on Ron Perlman? Any time Trump does these things he goes on a twitter tirade.

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@JJ She is lovely, btw, and I'm not opposed to modesty when CHOSEN by the woman, not imposed.

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@JJ @NevadaJack Too many botox injections. She doesn't know how anything works.

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Tweet from ABC News:

"Armed and dangerous": Federal authorities hunting purported leader of North Korea embassy break-in.

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