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I LOVED that movie as a kid..

Hell, the killer cockroaches in Vegas that took out Paul Winfield (Poor Capt. Terrell) scared the hell out of me for months..


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Another free movie on YouTube that the studios and Google hasn't blocked!

Unfortunately, it's Damnation Alley.

1977, starring George Peppard and Jan Michael-Vincent.

Well, it's still better than She-Hulk.


I know, it's NPR- so take it for what it is- BUT, there is lots of money to be made from both sides of this... And there are many grubby hands in the cookie jar.🤔


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With her passing, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth sets down the earthly symbols of a lifelong duty of devotion to her country and her people. Go to your rewards Ma’am, may your soul Rest In Peace among those you loved who have preceded you.


May the Lord smile upon her family and countrymen during this time of mourning.

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@mrddmia: "Dear Democrats:

Why are you so angry (terrified?) about an independent, court-appointed special master verifying the Biden Justice Department’s review?

Is the Biden Justice Department hiding something?"


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