Is this person intimating Trump will be held responsible for deaths due to this drug? ⬇️


Someone’s reaction (on Twitter) to Trump’s tweet on “HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN,”


There are dumber people on Twitter. I make occasional forays out into the morass of stupidity. It's always shocking.

Click on someone who's saying something stupid to someone you respect, and then just scroll down their timeline clicking on random conversations and it will blow your mind.

I mean it's sad but it's the kind of thing you should know. It's sobering.


That TWEET pissed me off. I didn’t want to waste my time engaging the person who wrote it.

The person claims to be a Trump supporter too.

@IrredeemableOne @mrbungle

There are a lot of supposed Trump supporters who doubt him frequently and retweet obvious anti-Trump types. They are of no value to anyone.

@Argentum47 @IrredeemableOne @mrbungle potus has earned the benefit of the doubt. even if he does a couple of things i dont like

@watch4thedrop @IrredeemableOne @mrbungle

It’s the people on Twitter who are never satisfied with anything he does and go off on him over the smallest slights. Of course that one horse faced, tranny looking pundit is one that comes to mind.

“The wall isn’t big enough, the wall isn’t being built fast enough, you’d be nowhere without me!”

@IrredeemableOne @Argentum47 @watch4thedrop @mrbungle
In a toot above is reason not to be on Twit. Right to try!!!! If I’m dying it’s between me and my Doctor. People get more stupid by the day. I never thought it was possible but it is.

Explanation, hello, I'm a twit, I have an asshoe and an opinion.

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