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“Deeply humbling to visit the Gander Memorial and pay tribute to the 248 soldiers who lost their lives on December 12th, 1985 as they were returning home. Widow of one of those soldiers, Amy Gallo, joined to share her experience on that tragic day.“


It breaks my heart every time I think of them. But it is great to see Karen Pence there, and to see Amy Gallo recognized.

Amy has worked tirelessly to keep the flame alight, organizing the convocation of relatives on every sad anniversary.

Her kindness and warmth I will always cherish, and look forward to seeing her again next December 12th.

On that memorial with my dear friend Janet Fowler, daughter f F/E Mike Fowler, whose tree is right next to my Stacey's.

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So very sorry for the loss of a loved one you have suffered dear Saul, especially in such a horrendous way...🙏😢

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Bless all the memories of those lost in this tragedy. It’s a beautiful memorial. I hope one day I can visit.

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) @Debradelai Saul, what a beautiful Memorial and tribute to those who lost their lives that day.Im so very sorry you lost your loved one,what a blessing though that you were there with such wonderful people to share your grief and sadness with,That had to be a comfort for them having you there as well.Your loved ones will always be remembered and honored.I looked at a picture on twitter with Karen Pence staanding there,I looked up at the sky in the picture...

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2) @Debradelai and the sky was all grey and cloudy except right over the Memorial.It was like a window to heaven had opened, and they were sharing that time with you all..God bless them all,as well as all of you who love and miss them.I love you Saul,my friend ❤️

@Debradelai @IrredeemableOne. What a heartbreaking thing. I'm so sorry for you and for her that her life was cut short. God bless her memory.


I was thrilled to read Mrs. Pence’s post and instantly thought about the pain suffered then, and throughout the years.

May G_d lift you all up in your moments of deepest sadness.

Amy Gallo is a heroine.


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