Any thoughts on Barr comments re Trump’s tweets on Stone?

I think Barr could have kept quiet.

Perfect in my opinion.
I read earlier that WaPo was supportive of Barr.
Imagine that.

.... and just like that, Trump got the WaPo to back AG Barr.....


Thanks guys! Very helpful.

I cannot keep track of the news. So much’ s going on.

@IrredeemableOne Barr is so incredibly competent, intelligent and measured. He is the right man at the right time to lead the DOJ. And he happens to be correct....POTUS should refrain from tweeting about cases being adjudicated in court.

@dannodo @IrredeemableOne if Barr did his job Trump would not have to tweet about it. Barr dropped the ball and us trying to save face.

@Itbj2 @IrredeemableOne Barr is doing his job. I agree that the Stone sentencing recommendations reflect poorly on Barr’s control of DOJ staff, in fairness Barr is managing multiple historically significant investigations in the manner all investigations should be done. Perhaps I am overly optimistic, but I believe POTUS has faith in Barr, so I do as well.

Roger Stone’s reputation is less than stellar, and he is a swamp dweller. That doesn’t mean his trial/sentencing was conducted ethically.

@dannodo @IrredeemableOne I am not saying he is not doing his job. I my.self give him until.end of the year to start cleaning up DC if that does not happen he is just another all talk no action guy.

@Itbj2 @dannodo @IrredeemableOne how about option #2: Barr and Trump are performing an act in public. The obvious answer.


Oh, please, spare me. If you don't believe POTUS & AG Barr know exactly what they are doing by now, you probably never will .

IMO it's obvious this is an orchestrated smokescreen to encourage perceived animosity between POTUS & AG Barr so that when Barr's March 31st testimony to the House Judiciary Committee rolls around, anyone & everyone will be watching with avid interest while Barr lays out in full detail everything Guiluani has.

Links next toot

@dannodo @IrredeemableOne @Wizski


Thank you for the links. I would love to know about the newly created “intake process.” I can hardly contain my laughter here.

@Itbj2 @dannodo @Wizski


Now that I had a chance to read and listen to the clip, I think AG never mentioned Trump, simply “tweets’

Anyway, this:

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