”History will soon forget the bitter, angry voices of Melania’s critics. Unfortunately for those antagonists, the stories, the photographs, and the video record of this remarkable first lady will survive and be witnesses against their pettiness and jealousy. Future generations will be able to see for themselves this elegant woman who glides softly through the angry storm of critics who try to hurt her and her son.“

“ There will be the future equivalent of entire bookshelves full of stories about this enigmatic and mysterious first lady. The envious and spiteful critics who snap at her and who are tormented by her power and poise will be long forgotten. History will provide Melania’s revenge.”


Barron's native language is Slovenian, with English as his second.

I'm positive that Trump speaks fluent Slovenian.

@ThomasWic @IrredeemableOne
Wasn’t it Trump who said, when he asked Melania about her thoughts on his run for POTUS, she replied, “If you do, you will win”?Melania exudes grace and beauty.


You are correct.

P.S. I am reading the book and it is really emotional for me. I have to put it down for a bit. ☺️

I’m not even thru the first chapter and I’m already mesmerized. One scene got me hooked. At the beginning, when Wead pulled the curtain back on Trump during Christmas standing in his office overlooking legendary leaders, I was like, WE’RE LIVING IN A MONUMENTAL MOMENT (but not yelling).


It was indeed what she said. "If you run, you will win."
She was correct. And will be so again in 2020.
@ThomasWic @IrredeemableOne

@macoman4u1 @ThomasWic @IrredeemableOne

He said this in an interview that I saw not long after the election. He probably has repeated it at various places and times.

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