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Speech by Peter Murphy ,Co-Secretary of Australian
Supporters of Democracy in Iran
We are calling for our states to speak out for justice.We are calling on the Australian government to condemn this crime against humanity and pursue justice for this crime.

@spud_au,Co-Secretary of Australian Supporters of Democracy in Iran
We see three fundamental changes. The continuous uprising in Iran, establishment of Ashraf 3,the end of US appeasement policy. This is the result of the continuous work of the MEK & NCRI

Fereshteh Akhlaghi: Iran’s rgm committed so many crimes, killing young & elderly, pregnant women, like Mrs. Rajavi;s sister .surely the leadership of Mrs. Rajavi, there won’t be torture and execution in our dear Iran.

Robert Torricelli's Speech:
There’s only one final justice. The mullahs, hangmen, IRGC, can be taken to court and meet justice. To those who were martyred, isn’t there really only one justice, which is to destroy the regime?

@bobtorricelli: As we fight for revolution, we also fight for justice. Unlike the Iranian regime our justice will be by law, though it will be swift and sure.

Former US Senator from NJ Robert Torricelli: Your responsibility today is almost unbearable.Every man or woman who died, must never be forgotten, because if they don’t they won’t die & Iran’s regime won’t achieve victory.

@bobtorricelli: I have never witnessed anything like what I’ve heard today. I’ve committed myself to MEK struggle. It is difficult to find any reason in anything we have heard.

Sid Ahmed Ghozali's Speech: We must have thousands of documents on what we just heard. I have never been tortured, but I feel immense pain when I hear these testimonies. This has been a hard silence. It’s not enough to shed tears. We must act.

@BoumedraTahar: Maryam Rajavi put her hand on the type of crime that had been committed, and Jeeffery Robisinon, a UN judge said this is a crime against humanity and could amount to genocide.

Kobra Jokar: I spent 6 years in Iran’s regime prisons I was arrested while pregnant they tortured my husband & I. He was shortly executed. I kept hope & faith in our leaders. that helped me to overcome darkness of prison.

Kobra Jokar: My husband were executed along with 70 others
I known 50 MEK members who were killed while pregnant..
After i gave birth,despite mey bad condition,I was taken back to prsion and my sisters who werebadly torture took care of me

Jordanian MP Abed Al Masiri
MEK is not just a name. Is a cause & a great message. MEK members put aside everything for others. You are freedom-lovers. Iranian regime is in chains. You are the free people

Hengameh Haj Hassan: In Iranian regime’s prison, we were subjected to severe torture. Insomnia, packed cells, torture... & we were taken to a place called "cages" in which we were not allowed to even cough let alone budge, otherwise we would B tortured.

Majid Saheb Jam: Iranian regime has done everything in its power to hide the massacre of 1988. It didn’t even tell the burial places to the families of the victims

Majid Saheb Jam: In , dozens of MEK supporters were kept in prison because they wouldn’t repent their support for MEK & their dedication to freedom and human values. All of them were executed in 1988.

Homa Jaberi: I witnessed 5yrs of regime's prisons, witnessed many tortures. But when D regime understood they couldn’t break our spirit, they created “residential units” only for resistant prisoners. I was there for 40days, whipped & kept awake for days.

Mostafa Naderi: I spent 11yrs in prison, including 5yr in solitary confinement. During , I was hospitalized because of torture & unconscious when they called my name for execution, this is how I survived.

Mostafa Naderi: The was planned from two years before. However, the massacre continues to this day. We must stop this.

Mahmoud Roiaie: When I think of 1988 massacre victims, I am humbled. With the justice movement, I feel that they’re here with us, in Ashraf 3

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