"Numeri sulla mortalità sono in linea con i dati degli anni precedenti"
Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Presidente Istat.

“The numbers of mortality (ALL CASES) are similar to the those of the precedent years…”
Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Istat president (Istat: Italian National Institute of Statistics)


I'm going to put it in the nicest posible way: Can we let this idiotic farce behind and return to work like... BLOODY NOW?



A natural sentiment, and one that I held in the opening scene of this saga.

A couple things have made me come to agree with The President's "War Time" approach:

1) This is a NEW virus with extra-ordinary infectivity. Good to watch it carefully

2) This NEW virus occurred while a very BAD influenza season is STILL ONGOING -- up to 60,000 U.S. deaths so far




3) Both Influenza and Covid-19 ganging up on our health facilities at one time could cause a REAL breakdown

4) The vicious anti-American DNC and DNCMedia immediately began to "make this Trump's Katrina".

5) With a "let it ride approach" there would have been DAILY DEATH COUNTS juxtaposed to "Trump twiddling his thumbs graphics on all the news shows daily.




6) Once the DNC-induced PANIC became widespread, Team Trump had no choice but to respond forcefully

7) Significantly, Team Trump's vigorous approach has allowed The President to radically REDUCE government while INCREASING PRIVATE business solutions to a NUMBER of America's problems.




8) Team Trump's vigorous response has made it possible to respond to YEARLY epidemics that KILL 35, 000 Americans EACH YEAR, more effectively.

9) Once Phase 1,2, 3, passed Congress, I knew that there would be only temporary slowdown in our economy. The measures Trump has maneuvered into place will cause a V-shaped rebound that will cause an American Renaissance.

10) Team Trump's actions are isolating Red Communist China. This will be the ChiComms Chernobyl.

@IndiaMaria @SalvajeUnitario


I've said this in the very beginning. This is not worse than the flu, but we are having a bad flu season. I'm still not convinced we'd be overwhelmed, but I understand the caution.

I also agree that Trump had no choice.

There was no getting around the MSM as they did daily death counts, etc.

He was painted into a corner, but as always, POTUS always finds a way out.

By May, cases will be done and we will get back to normal.

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