Goodness...2 years ago Wictor wrote a seminal thread on the increasing weakness in the fortitude of American Trump supporters. Holy cow!

We (GOP) dominate off-year elections...

Team Trump purges Ryan's RINO's in the 2018 midterms...

Dems field a flailing "Dozens Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" for POTUS...

Team Barr, Durham, Huber and Horowitz lay siege to The Bad Guys...

"Triggered" is selling like hotcakes...

"OMG, THE KUUURDS!! are happy...

Yet, PANIC reigns throughout the Realm. WE LOST!

@IndiaMaria I guess all this good news is creating a lots of panic. That is what people don't like about Trump's way of doing things. I hope it will all work out in the end.


Keep right on a'hoping OB-1...the rest of us are LIVING, WORKING, and MAKING MONEY!

@IndiaMaria I am not worried about stuff that I have no control over. People will do what they will do. I just don't live in a fantasy land where i believe one guy has everything under control and plan accordingly.

@Itbj2 @IndiaMaria My observation, from a far distance, is the standard brain washing techniques that worked so well for the Democrats will take more than two slow Russia-Ukraine dribbling vague outcomes to smash through the MSM supplied cocoon. Therefore it may be that the necessary bomb blasts to burst open that comfy shell need to be lobbed close to the election date. Thus not allowing the rebirth of the old MSM suckling dummy for the Democrats.

@Itbj2 @IndiaMaria I do wonder about the maintenance of balanced view for QV members. I came here in the first 300 and bless the day Saul et al created it. I never go to Facebook since and almost never to Twitter. I so appreciate Thomas and Rex and and and - BUT when I see good folk blindly walking the rose petal path up to the Trump alter I have concern, not fear.

@MarieGreen @IndiaMaria Trump will have a huge fight on his hands next year. It will not be easy. I just hope the RNC will do a better job this time around. People were complaining in 2018 that the RNC never sent people out to knock on doors where as Democrats were out in force. No wonder we lost so many seats in the Senate we should have won.

@IndiaMaria @MarieGreen is agree with you a 💯. We don't need to make that mistake by having rosy colored classes on, thinking "we got this."

@Itbj2 @MarieGreen

No, hell no. Optimism is verboten. The stuff of the Devil. You got that right.

"Think Negative", I always say....

@Itbj2 @MarieGreen @IndiaMaria

2018 was an outstanding year in the Senate for the GOP.

The data is clear:

In the 21 midterms since 1934, the incumbent party has gained senate seats in only 6 elections:

FDR, 1934 +9
JFK, 1962 +3
Nixon, 1970 +2
Reagan, 1982 +1
Bush, 2002 +2

and Trump, 2018 +2

The addition of strong conservatives has made the senate much more powerful as they work with Trump.

And it makes it extremely difficult for the Dems to flip the senate in 2020.

@Itbj2 @MarieGreen @IndiaMaria

It is the norm for the opposing party to gain in midterms as some indies sometimes swing to the opposing party.

There was, of course, more energy from the Dems in 2018 but it was much less impressive than it seems.

Almost all of the Dem gains in the House were in swing/red districts where the Dems lied, saying they were moderates.

The impeachment hoax has proven their lies.

The majority of those seats were flipped with less than 2% of the vote.

@timr @Itbj2 @MarieGreen

Thanks, superior summary.

It is my opinion that many of the Dem flips that were called DAYS after the election, esp. in CA, have provided DHS with lots of fodder for Vote Laundering operations that will be caput by 2020.

@IndiaMaria @Itbj2 @MarieGreen

Yes - the Justice Department is quietly and impressively addressing voter fraud - one of the most under-reported issues.

The RNC is a juggernaut although of course they still have plenty of catching up to do after years of neglect.

@timr @IndiaMaria @Itbj2 @MarieGreen

Thanks for posting this.

If you feel like posting more details & news about this, I would be very eager to read them.


@Itbj2 @MarieGreen @IndiaMaria

The house was decided by about 100,000 votes.

The GOP had many retirements as RINOs left, and Ryan was a passive and bored leader who did nothing to promote the GOP in the midterms.

He did a fine job with the tax bill and Obamacare, but his NeverTrump status was obvious.

@Itbj2 @MarieGreen @IndiaMaria

The situation in the House is completely different now.

Of course, winning the House will be a hard task. But with this self-destructive impeachment madhouse, the economic boom and an energized and united GOP house, it is definitely possible, even likeky.

@timr @MarieGreen @IndiaMaria we lost the Senate race in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Montana, Arizona and we got Romney from Utah. I just don't see how you can say that is a big win. I am saying that we need to stop pretending that everything is just fine and come to the realization that next year will be as hard if not harder than 2016. We lost all those seats because of the thinking "Trump got this I don't need to do anything". Plus that insane Q crap.

@Itbj2 @MarieGreen @IndiaMaria

We lost senate seats held by Democrat incumbents. Over 90% of incumbents are re-elected.

The exception was McSally's seat, which was a special case - she was chosen for the seat and was not an incumbent.

Romney is obnoxious, but he is a Republican and votes with the GOP. That is what is important.

Think practically. There are losses in every election. The GOP did far better than expected considering the anti-Trump hysteria and historical precedent.

@timr @Itbj2 @MarieGreen

"Romney is obnoxious, but he is a Republican and votes with the GOP. That is what is important."


Ohhhh My Gaawd

HERESY!! "Conservative" orthodoxy has been VIOLATED here!! REALITY be damned! We are to HATE, HATE, HATE RAHM_KNEE!

There, timr, you have been properly instructed.....'wink'

(I looked it up. Mitt votes WITH Trump 85% of the time....Rand Paul, Mike Lee, "conservative icons", 75%)

@MarieGreen @IndiaMaria I was sure that Brett Kavanaugh hearing would have broken through the brainwashing but that did not happen hence the 2018 losses. But there is some hope. Please see the tweet below.

@IndiaMaria people fail to understand that the media is anti-Trump and will never write a favorable story. It is always negative. Trump accomplished all I wanted him to and more. I will vote for him and ignore all the chicken little shits.


Hear, HEAR!!

A TRUMP Supporter who does NOT need to sleep with a Night Light!!

heh, heh....Bravo LiveFree.

@IndiaMaria I am surrounded by liberal idiots suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. It’s tiring and pisses me off. So I will piss them off by making sure Trump gets re-elected. I thought Reagan was great. Trump is even better.


Though it may seem otherwise, YOU sir, have THEM surrounded!

@IndiaMaria The silent majority. I do not see very many campaign bumper stickers. Once I get out in the more rural area——clearly Trump territory. Many are pissed with what is going on.

@LiveFree @IndiaMaria

Good time for silent majority to step up and enthusiastically bang some drums, sing some praises (brag the facts of the past 3 years that many have not heard of)... most especially in our most contested districts across the US. Getting back the House - preferably with new competent, practical thought leaders - will do loads to move a freedom-loving, law-and-order conservative vision forward.

@LiveFree @IndiaMaria Live Free must live in NH, as I do. I feel your pain...surrounded by highly educated idiots.

@Sabina @IndiaMaria Socialist State of Maryland. Can’t even conceal carry.


🤣 It's insane. For every ill-informed D socialist, there is another dumb Repub who willfully will not see the improvements, despite the progress... despite the Congressional action snooze fest of the past few years (outside of Senate judicial appointments). I hear, and myself adopt mockingly, the retardo voice tone when talking of these blind spots with family and loved ones.

Excited. Today threw my card in to volunteer for a GA State Rep in my GA 7th (important) district.


Clarification, he is not running for a State rep, but a federal Congressional House rep for the state of GA, 7th district. An extremely key House of Rep position in north Metro Atlanta (east side of Forsyth Co, upper west side of Gwinnet) - Dr. Rich McCormick. We BARELY voted our Repub candidate in back in 2018, and he has now lost heart for the fight due to parental care issues, and maybe other things. Retiring. Will go to the mat for Rich now.

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