"...quietly appoints..."
With a voice as loud as thunder.




This is like appointing Wesley Snipes in "Blade" to craft relations with Vampires.....heh, heh

I read all these business articles that invariably add, "Trump 'desperate' for a trade deal with China."

No he's not! CHINA is desperate. Our president holds ALL the cards.

The usual idiots on FoxNewsSunday this morning were mooing on about how Trump didn't say the words "freedom and democracy" for the Hong Kong protesters, but some of his advisers had.
I'm sitting there sneering because they're so stupid that they don't bother to look at actions like this one to see that words are one thing but it's ACTIONS that speak truth.

@IndiaMaria @janis I keep seeing articles saying Trump is "desperate" or "worried". They must be talking about someone else- I don't think he's capable of either of those.

@TimToolMan @IndiaMaria

They only give away their game by doing that. In truth, the ones who are desperate and worried are those who are so afraid that Trump is going to succeed.

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