Even in MY piddly world, EVEN here on QV, some folks are STiLL regurgitating the "Session's was in in IT" lunacy...."The Walking Dead" I tell ya'...

"Sessions had to recuse himself, so he did. Handling the SpyGate investigations & all that other stuff was handed off to Rosenstein. We all know what resulted.

Meanwhile Sessions was setting up national task forces on several key initiatives.

WITHOUT drawing much attention."

"Sessions put out a press release just before he left the DOJ in Oct. 2018 where he announced what spectacular results the FTF in Chicago was getting in reducing violent gun crime in that city.


@IndiaMaria I wonder if the recent resignation of the mayor of San Juan which only happened after DJT called out the rampant corruption in PR was/is connected.


I simply cannot keep up with all the Pedo's and Politicians that are being rounded up. It really is Glorious.

I've gotta check the DOJ website for news more since the media are being dicks.

@redwhitebluedude @IndiaMaria Not "dicks", enemies of America.

Let's not trivialize the truth: these are traitors, anti-American agents or their stooges, bent on the destruction of America and Western Civilization.

Like any profound evil, they can't be reformed; they must be destroyed (preferably through waking up enough people that they lose most of their followers).

This is a war for America's future existence. We must act accordingly.

There is no reconciling with evil.

@IndiaMaria You write as if you're surprised.

What else would you expect from authoritarian Globalist propagandists who use race as a weapon to destroy America?


My surprise is that anyone still regurgitates MSM constructs to criticize Trump's appointees.

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