Folks have been impatient about SpyGate. It is complex. A few folks that live in the weeds of the illegal going-ons understand it.

A LOT of folks simply trust Trump, and are good with whatever legal path he chooses.

Others kinda agree with spying on a "wildman" like Trump. For these folks, the Epstein Perv Brigade may just be the final straw in getting the light to go on. This is really BAD, really SICK. "These folks have GOT to go down". We'll see, but @baba397 has a good point here....


"1) I truly believe this is the entire bowl of wax! Half this country would say that the previous administration, IC and HRC were right to go after PDJT by conducting a soft coup. However, when some of those same POS are involved with pedophilia, we are talking about less than 10%"


It's a win-win for all good people!

Bad DemocRats will be exposed.

Trump will be known forever as the "Destroyer of Pedophiles"!

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