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@gbug1129 @IndiaMaria That actually sounded incredible until the "Vote D" part 😅


Another 5-4 SCOTUS decision preventing LOOSENING of voting requirements in Alabama.

Sotomayor MUST HAVE been the 5th vote because WAH-BERTS is a flaming Libby, right?


"Another 700 arrested in organized crime case in the UK, 400+ earlier today in the EU."

1100+ criminals in 1 sweep due to breaking their encryption & identifying their networks!

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Community groups in Ventura California organized a civil "Catholic resistance" to radical militants attempting to destroy a statue of a Catholic Saint.

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I'm so sick of the doom and gloom (from so called conservative sources).

I'm going to try and take a week off starting this holiday from social media and "the news."

I don't know how @ThomasWic and @Debradelai do it, talking people off the ledge and all.

This would be my ledgejumper negotiation:

By the way. USMCA starts today.

The YUGEST Trade Bloc in the World.

And the Dow back to 26K BEFORE this kicked in....

HA! (NNWOT -- 'news not worthy of Tucker)


ANOTHER 5-4 SCOTUS ruling IN FAVOR of Drumpf??!!


Huckabee laments that Chief Justice Roberts keeps "stabbing Americans in the back."

The usual suspects cry out "TRAITOR" or "LIBERAL" or "EFF GEORGE W. BUSH"!!

Funny, he has only voted "liberal" on FIVE out of EIGHT HUNDRED SCOTUS cases....

And in "close cases" he has a HIGHER "conservative" percentage than Thomas....WHO KNEW!!??!!

Check it out:

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You rock. This is hilarious. Much love for this. @Argentum47

@IndiaMaria did you see this?!? 🤣

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Yes, that is the other under-rated and under-reported story of this election season - Trump and the GOP's rising approval ratings among both black and Hispanic voters across the country.

That has been developing slowly since 2018 and , and certainly contributes to the surging GOP turnout.

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@watch4thedrop @IndiaMaria

It should be a non story but Mississippi, ..
A bigger story there is Ole Miss removing the Memorial to all the young men who were killed, an entire class, at Shiloh . It's not a glorification of slavery, it's a memorial to young men who gave it all for something they believed in .

How 'bout THIS for Common Sense political commentary.

Trump said in 2016 he would "unify the Republican Party". Most pundits figured he meant "getting Ryan to play nice with Meadows".


He meant a unified alliance of Meadows, Brian Straka, Terrence Williams, Susan Collins, and Gov Jim Justice and even....'drumroll'...wacky Libertarians like Rand Paul....Nice summary 👇

...Aaaand, right on cue...

Libertarians....can't keep up with them, and can't beat 'em with a stick.....heh, heh

Reminder to Self:

Red Communist China intentionally disseminated a highly infectious virus around the world, causing enormous damage.

DEMOCRATS have conspired to harm our American institutions since, well, a long, long time

DNCMedia propagandizes Dem subversion by confusing, disorienting, and LYING to America

"Burning it all down" -- Military, Constitution, Congress, CDC, , Law Enforcement, Public Schools, precisely what Commies have always pined for.

Thanks to the zombies of The Left for highlighting what a shithole Seattle is...and HAS BEEN for a long time

Their little outdoor Homeless Flea Market was no surprise to those who have been to this Marijuana Haven over the last couple years

No real surprise, right?

Detroit, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, St. Louis, Philadelphia...have all been Zombvia's forever ... no wall-to-wall media though since no White Lefties marching around with bicycle helmets.

Elect a Democrat...surprise! SHITHOLE!!


And yet the time has come for Trump "supporters" to finally grow up and be Scott Pressler. Amazing things are in store beginning Nov. 4, 2020.

But Bash The GOP right here, right now at this critical juncture, especially with 2008 mantras, and you are...

"Walkin' on The Fightin' Side of Me"...

(specially for @watch4thedrop who DIGS country...)


FINALLY my point.

GOP bashing is passe'...Trump is now carrying the GOP banner; the GOP is his instrument; the GOP is his only support in D.C. The GOP WANTS BLACK support, and rightfully so.

November pits the GOP against Lunatics, stragglers from the Old Confederacy, so to speak (heh, heh)....

Got a beef with some individual Republican? By all means, have at it....Trump certainly does.



And besides, the GOP is about to destroy the DEMS for a generation by getting BLACK Americans to . Right?

Hilarious how the Libertarian stands for the Constitution to not pay Federal taxes, or to shoot-up heroin. "Just leave me alone" they chant...

But they are upset when Representative Local Government works like it's supposed to?

That Mississippi dare change its flag? Hey, Mississippi can do what it wants...well, not secede, or own other humans...but other than that...


I think (and given my track record almost certainly erroneously) that Mr. L. wants to, you guessed it....GOP BASH!

"Those cowardly, knee-bending, politically correct Republicans!"

But to whom are they knee-bending? Their constituents perhaps? A majority Republican electorate?

I mean these are LOCAL ELECTED officials we are talking about, not a bunch of "courageous" keyboard judges.



I don't really.

I have never been offended by the Stars and Bars. In fact, it makes me chuckle seeing one of these Texas Redneck neighbors of mine flying it proudly from the bed of their lifted pick-ups.

Rebels....freemen....usually thumbing their nose at political correctness.

But what does Mr. Libertarian care (assuming he is not a Miss. resident)?


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