Ask yourself what the people "seeding the Clouds" with these RIDICULOUS Whoppers think of the people they're leaking TO?

& then YOU tweet me this 💩"


"There's a REASON they gave THIS GUY a sendoff in the Main Hall of Justice, with full honors, after more than 3 years of fake leaks put out about him and moves he made that people didn't understand at the time.

This was the BIGGEST sting Trump pulled off."


(It is so delicious thinking back on so many dupes willing to believe that Trump kept hiring traitors -- don't Jeff and Rod's expressions just scream "DUMBASSES"...?)

"I've been saying for almost 3 years now Trump dropped his own 'secret agent' right into the middle of the SpyGate plot to set them up, gather evidence and then TESTIFY against them.

Barr **confirmed** this months ago."


The Great Rod Rosenstein...

"You know who knew better than ANYBODY ELSE in Washington DC how important it was to find the RIGHT GUY for that job?


And surface skimmers have told you for 3 1/2 years Trump appointed, and then REFUSED TO FIRE, the wrong guy."


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@IndiaMaria these are probably the same people who believe trump just lucked his way in to the presidency and the best economy the country has ever seen

Isn't it wearisome to read a post anymore that begins with "Trump needs to.....?"

"Let's all say it together:



"Here's why the Fake News Media people on the Left & the Right will **never** get it right.

You may want to zoom in for a closeup on this one.

Are you ready? ...

It's OK if I tell you because these Left/Right Fake News media people will NEVER BELIEVE IT.

Here it is:

they can't get it right because every single fake leak they end up believing & publishing from their shit anonymous sources feeds their deep-seated belief that TRUMP IS A F**KING MORON."



Trump will put out cover stories to HIDE what's really going on. And sometimes those cover stories make him look like AN IDIOT. But that's OK. To Trump, the only that matters is that the disinformation keeps his enemies [and his stupid friends] in the dark."


"Here we are about to head into YEAR FOUR of the Trump presidency.

Where's your f**king all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing Deep State now?

Whimpering in the cage Trump's put it in, it's teeth pulled and it's claws clipped."


"I watched people spin narratives for the past 3 years about how awesomely powerful the Deep State was, how it had powers beyond the ken of mortal men, almost godlike, insurmountable, unfathomable in it's sheer size.

And I laughed my ass off."



"So on 1 hand, I totally understand and am sympathetic as to why many Trump supporters can't help but come to the conclusion this guy is not too bright or has incredibly bad advisers.

He never fired Sessions.
He never fired Rosenstein.
He never fired Mueller.
He won't fire Wray."


"Because many people in the Conservative Trump-supporting media do not believe those three points...they end up taking every false leak Trump puts out, every act by a disinformation agent, every head fake, it gets taken at face value."


"Many people do not believe that

1) Trump entered office knowing he & his team was being spied on by Obama & Co.
2) Trump has his own private intelligence service/network
3) Had a plan worked out to replace, expose & then prosecute the SpyGate plotters from the beginning."

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Stalinists is what they are, or SturmAbteilung.

The one thing they are not...is Anarchists.

They probaby have no inkling of what it means.

Alas, few today do.

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I've blocked another instance.

It is baffling how anyone can call himself or herself an anarchist and seek to impose their will on others, down to the thought level.

Miserable totalitarians is what the creeps really are.

Usually I don't care, anyhow. To each his own. But when they pester me to try to censor users in QV because they dared use a word these faux anarchists blacklisted yesterday...well...they can go back to the squalor of their mommy's basement.

131 were lurking here.

No more.

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Then they flew it BY COMMITTEE to Australia.

None of them had ever flown before.

But they'd all talked to pilots. So they cobbled together A PILOT from their shared knowledge.

They took off, navigated to Australia, and landed. Safely.

Wouldn't that make a great movie?

A war movie with no blood. No preaching. Just celebration of the will to overcome.


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When the American were chased out of the Philippines, there weren't enough aircraft or ships to evacuate everybody.

The Americans left behind had to join the Filipinos in the mountains.

But at one air base, a bunch of mechanics cobbled together a flyable B-17 Flying Fortress from all the wrecks.

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The reason I didn't predict what happens next in that scene is that it's so STUPID.

I'm tired of antiwar war movies. All I want is historical accuracy.

Filmmakers MAKE UP CRAP in order to show us the horrors of war.

Well, if it didn't actually happen, EVER, that means it's not a horror of war.

You know what would make a great war movie?

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Barron’s demeanor, bearing & manners are all indicative of parents who are raising him with intelligence, love & discipline.

What a wonderful young man, especially for a 13 year-old.

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You're quite welcome. Thank you for adding the little quoted blurbs in the comment section. I really think folks will be amazed to see how our govt is run now and I'm very proud of the changes our POTUS, his accomplished team, and cabinet members are making. Hopefully as citizens become more aware of the government websites and the info to be had, they'll look for it on their own.

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