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protip: screenshot all anti trump economy jobs report today. they will be useful when the numbers go back up and the clowns start claiming they are obamas numbers again

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I don't think the General was talking to drug cartel pissants today.
I think he was warning a very different enemy.....

Mark Alexander Milley is a United States Army general and the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest-ranking officer in the United States military.

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This is VERY surprising.

Brace yourselves for a Trump landslide bigger than anyone expects.

Yup...from Acosta to Jim Hoft to 'gasp', Brendon Dilley?

"Each of them is an Official Junior Epidemiologist now, weighing-in on curve flattening and RO rates like they have any idea what any of it means. What’s really funny is how they now want to decide what we should hear by censoring the president ... the media presumes to decide what we need to know, not Dr. Fauci, not Dr. Brix, no, the media. Because the media is full of smart people who know stuff or something."

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Incite and inflame!

THAT is how the demoncraps and their complicit MSM try to drive Americans to panic and fear!

History will not be kind to those who tried to use the virus for political purposes!

Trump give the PERFECT respinse to the arrogant “reporter” who thought he was smart enough to make Trump look bad!

"Conservatives"...NO NO NO! Wal Mart trying to TAKE OUR GUNS; in cahoots with SOROS to TAKE OUR GUUUUUUNZZZZ!!

"Tomorrow, I'll be visiting the
Distribution Center with
. From hiring thousands of new employees to working around the clock to keep the grocery & pharmaceutical aisles stocked, we're grateful to
for helping meet the needs of the American people."

Wow, Peter Alexander sounds like a Pantywaist "Conservative"...heh, heh

"Peter Alexander (NBC): What do you say to Americans who are scared. Nearly 200 dead, 14,000 sick, millions scared. What do you say to Americans watching right now who are scared?

Trump: I say you are a terrible reporter, that's what I say."

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A political action committee supporting President Trump filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission saying Michael Bloomberg’s donation to the Democratic Party was illegal.

Bloomberg’s $18 million donation to the Democratic National Committee is an attempt to circumvent contribution limits and violate campaign finance laws, Great America PAC said in the March 26 complaint.

The FEC is reviewing the complaint and will determine later if it will investigate.

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Here's an excellent thread that Carlos posted yesterday.

Let's set everybody straight on everything.

I've never seen such stupidity in my life. Too many people are showing that they can't think AND they want everyone to panic, so I'm writing them off in a kind of disgusted frenzy.

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Trump calls for $2T infrastructure bill as 'Phase 4' of coronavirus response

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Benny (@bennyjohnson) Tweeted:

President Trump spoke strongly about protecting Americans against Coronavirus in his State of the Union address in February.

Speaker Pelosi TORE UP that Speech.

At this time Democrats were focused on Impeachment.

They didn’t take the Virus seriously.

Thank you Guv'na! TEXAS forever!

"Texas, statewide, is issuing notice that all inbound persons traveling from Louisiana into Texas will be quarantined upon entry beginning a Monday, March 30th. It’s on all TXDOT highway message boards"

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@IndiaMaria @umad80 @wziminer
Yeah, it's been obvious for years. That's one of the very good things our Pres has done: shown the country what the media and the libs really think about all of us.

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@IndiaMaria That's an astute observation, Maria, and I think you're right. He was 'elite' until he wasn't. Sadly, I thought I was one of them until I realized I wasn't. G-d bless Donald John Trump. Best President Of My Lifetime. @umad80 @IDscot

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@IndiaMaria @IDscot I am fascinated by how Dr Birx has matured from Trump skepticism to Trump support. I saw the interview where she praised him for his quick comprehension of graphs and decision making, as well as his understanding of the science as it unfolds. It's why the media has turned her into a character of ridicule instead of one of respect.

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@IndiaMaria Great thread! Just what we've been thinking, after tracking this since Jan as we have a kid overseas. We don't have your medical knowledge, but we have enough picked up here and there, and we're hard-headed engineers, so we work on FACTS not feelings.
Only being careful as we have several we know who are medically fragile. Of course, hand-washing, etc, but we do that anyway in flu season.
And I'm with @wziminer - gonna support my local restaurants extra til this is over!

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