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They did it for multiple reasons.

Dictators tend to not get the real news from their armed forces, so the mullahs underestimate the Saudis.

Also, the mullahs come from a culture in which acts of war are negotiations.

Thirdly, they want a war, because it will unite the Iranians the way the 2006 war united Lebanese behind Hezbollah.

Something unexpected will happen. I don't know what, but it won't be a war.

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This is an actual Twitter avatar chosen by someone in all seriousness.

First, this ghastly photo of David Hogg was taken, and then people chose it as their avatars.

Because they like it.

What can you even say, except that an enormous percentage of us are batshit crazy.

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What was the name of that moron with the bears?

No! Don't do that, I love you!

And 15 hours later he was bear shit.

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Saudi Arabia has been hit over 200 times with ballistic missiles.

Nobody was shaken up. Everyone was expecting this.

The mullahs want a war in order to unite the Iranians. This is a last, desperate move to survive.

The Saudis won't give them that war, because it would be self-defeating.

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Democrats put illegal aliens before our own citizens. Republicans put Americans first and that includes those immigrants who came here legally. Politicians haven't been loyal to you, they've been loyal to themselves. The Democrats also are trying to turn every city in America into a sanctuary for criminals.

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The people don't want sanctuary cities, the democrat politicians want them. They want to make the entire state of New Mexico a sanctuary state. So when MS 13 comes in, they don't want ICE to come in to take these criminals out.

"It’s Over.

Latinos For Trump uproariously Chanting: “Build That Wall! Build That Wall! Build That Wall!”


(Remember the GOP after-action report when Romney lost? It URGED Republicans to NEVER mentions "Illegal Immigration" for fear of losing "the Hispanic" vote.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

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He talks about the opioid crisis and says in the past year overdose deaths have gone down, so that's good. The Hispanics understand the dangers of the border, everyday drug smugglers bringing over illegal drugs.

Talks about human trafficking and says, it's women, that's who they're trafficking, women.

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The Taliban and the mullahs got the same bad advice:

Carry out acts of war. That will make Trump cave.

From what I'm reading, the Taliban are being absolutely slaughtered.

And the only only thing that came from the Iranian strikes on Saudi Arabia was a demonstration to the world that the mullahs are willing to disrupt global energy supplies.

It won't end well for them.

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Everyone wants it, the farmers the manufacturers, they all want the USMCA but the congress won't move on it.

Somebody had to do something with China. President Obama, Bush, Clinton, they all should have done it, frankly they should have done a lot of things we're doing now.

After decades of offshoring and outsourcing, jobs are coming back to America. Come and make your product in America, come and make your product in New Mexico.

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"In a few weeks we'll be up to 180 federal judges, including appeals court judges."

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President Obama left him 138 judge seats to fill. Can you imagine? I just signed my 150th (?) judge appointment.

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Running for president is the single greatest decision he's ever made. He could not be happier. After years of building up other countries, we're finally building up our country. It's time to take care of our own.

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The Iranians allowed their children to be used to clear minefields by marching into them.

At the Second Battle of al-Faw, the Iranians used child soldiers in groups of three:

One had a rifle, one had a hand grenade, and one had a plastic key to paradise.

They were so tightly packed that the dead couldn't fall.

It was a field of 40,000 dead children, many of them still upright.

There are photos of this.

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The mullahs are desperately looking for a war. Any war. They need it to distract Iranians from opposition to the regime to coalesce into the "defense of the fatherland."

They will continue to up the anye, from attacks on shipping to attacks on hard assets until they fall or they get their war, whichever comes first.

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@IndiaMaria @IrredeemableOne nowadays i have to settle for rude sarcasm

‘i mean, i went to school for 6 years and got a degree for this but you did a whole hour of wikipedia research. im sure you know best’

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