'Member? heh, heh.......

'BUT MUH ROBERTS!' you caterwaul.

No one remembers John Paul Stevens, appointed by Gerald Ford, who dissented CONSTANTLY from the conservative majority. Seriously, he dissented more in the 2006 term than Ginsburg and Breyer each did.

Or Souter, by HW, who nearly did as well

Is Roberts perfect? No. But demonizing him does quite literally nothing...

But is the SCOTUS in horrid shape? No."


Catholics for Trump

"We condemn continued attacks on sacred Catholic statues around the country. The desecration of these statues is an assault on Catholic values, private property, and religious expression. These acts will not be tolerated!"





"McEnany: 'Fauci Is One Member Of A Team,' and His Viewpoint is Given to President Trump"


@watch4thedrop , thought you might be interested. I remember your thread on this company.

"The ex-CEO of Indivior, Shaun "Thaxter pleaded guilty to introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce. The plea came after Indivior was indicted for engaging in an illegal scheme to boost prescriptions of Suboxone, linked to U.S Opioid addiction."


"The Fauci kerfuffle is ANOTHER Trump trap.

Fauci has opposed Trump's actions all along.


Fauci opposed blocking Chinese from entering the country.

This is nothing new.

But the press is not actually sentient. Journalists are Trump's puppets."



... Dr. Fauci is a DOC. He is an ADVISER. Trump is using him for TRUMP's purposes, not the other way around....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Trump had a roundtable with people who benefitted from police action, and the press talked only about Dr. Fauci.

The press IGNORED women whose children were saved by cops."


"Go somewhere else with your defeatism.

We WIN here.

So we don't want to hear from scared little bunnies."


"I sure hope you're right!"

Every time I hear that, I want to vomit.

People who say that have done NO original research."


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@IndiaMaria lmfao. this mockery is so accurate. ‘soros controlled docs’ 😂

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I went to that link and read it too. There's something about this whole Fauci vs Trump thing that doesn't set straight with me. I feel like I'm in the middle of one of those reality TV shows that's supposed to be real, but somebody's actually directing the chaos.



Dr. Fauci is simply an Old School Doc who is unskilled at massaging your indignant pre-programmed, politically-driven FEELZ!



Try sitting in front of lawyers for 16 hours being deposed for malpractice, and knowing your inquisitors don't know a rat's ass about providing medical care to 25 patients A DAY, who all have PRE-PAID Legal Plans...

Democrats are your problem
Democrat media are your problem.
Non-credentialed Keyboard Virologists-Immunologists-Epidemiologists are your problem.



Oh, those heroic Nurses, First Responders, Law Enforcement...


Give the poor Doc's a break, woodja? The Last 2 "Kick-the-Doc-Decades" have nearly ruined a once-confident, OBJECTIVE Physician corps.



Do you think that James Woods or Stephen Baldwin know more about prescribing HCQ to a 75 y/o with Diabetes and a History of a previous Heart Attack who is on a ventilator in the ICU than Dr. Fauci?? No REALLY!!?

Think it's easy trying to MEDICALLY advise a 330M-person country in which Democrats, their Media, AND China, Iran and Russia all conspire to denigrate?



It is clear that HCQ has some EARLY benefits, but not yet "proven" to be useful for very sick, HOSPITALIZED patients.

It just might turn out to be a useful modality, but did you know that some Docs are worried that Covid-19 is causing some CARDIAC damage in some patients? And that HCQ has some Cardiotoxic potential in folks with pre-existing Cardiac conditions?

That's a Doc's job. To be cautious.



I hear folks saying that Dr. Fauci is "against" HydroxyChlor. OMG!! HE HATES TRUMP!!

No. He is a Doc. No energy to say more here, but look up the difference between a RETROSPECTIVE STUDY, and a RANDOMIZED DOUBLE-BLINDED PLACEBO-CONTROLLED STUDY.

Docs use the word "proven" ONLY when several of the latter studies have been completed, which often takes years, and must be REPEATED for confirmation.



"Oh that Thoracic Surgeon did a great job on replacing my Aortic Valve"....WHADDAYOU know about ANYTHING he did while you were zonked out and he was rummaging inside your thoracic cavity??

But he was nice. He was patient with your questions. And your work-out friend simply ADOOOOORS him. Right?



You think James Woods or Stephen Baldwin know more than Dr. Fauci? No, REALLY?!

O.K., O.K.....so you like Dr. Birx more. She's nice. Wears beautiful scarfs. Got it.

Would you acknowledge that this is how YOU make your assessment as to whether YOUR Doctor is "good" or not?


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