Got up at 4 to see the launch today. Too bad it got scrubbed. We had a premium spot.

Does anyone else's work computer get so slow, you spend more time restarting it than actually working?

Zen Ina is about to rage quit! 😤

Just sat in on the most lovely presentation given by Dr. Pimentel (from "Music Within") on leadership and changing the perception of ability.

His stories reminded me of stories my grandparents used to tell us. He's had quite a life.

Key takeaway: If you have the ability to do something, and that something can do good, what is your response? == responsibility

I also didn't know they had "Ugly Laws" back in the day.

Very inspirational (better than motivational).

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Not even a week later, and we're back to no masking again! How does anyone still take any of this seriously? Lol... Can I get off this ride yet?

We bought our first home last year. Our new property tax assessment came in the mail and we got absolutely wrecked. It sucks that they used the over-inflated prices of the homes. Plus they want to add another $550 in random taxes to everyone. I know there had to be some kind of adjustment because the previous owner was living there for a long time... But still. Crooks.

Does anyone have any advice on keeping the squirrels from eating all my berries?

This is the crap I get sent nowadays 🙄.... How should I reply?

My fortune from my fortune cookie. Very insightful...

Forgot to mention that we got a newsletter stating that cases have been decreasing...

So we're going back to full time mask wearing on base on Monday. Meanwhile, was stuffed in an elevator with the XO and 6 other people, all not wearing masks. Why??? Apparently it's guidance from higher up. I'm so sick of covid. They're just trying to demoralize us all to no end.

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Certainly invoking the Fifth was the wise course. Why assist a vendetta?

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Is Web Up or Down helps you to check whether a website is currently running or not. It is great tool, which will help you find out the response header code within seconds.

There was a rocket launch on my way to work this morning! Luckily, I was a little late. So I could still catch it >.<

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1) Biden Reverses Course, Will Close Gaps In Areas Of Border Wall As Crisis Hits D.C., Elections Loom.Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration will fill gaps in certain areas of former President Donald Trump’s border wall on the U.S. southern border as the illegal immigration crisis hits Washington, D.C., following a decision by Republican governors to transport thousands of illegal aliens to the nation’s capital.

I see a lot of ads for Val Demmings 🤮 She's always playing the pro police card. It just doesn't feel sincere.

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