What are some of your favorite Christmas cookies? In Austria, most cookies are nut-based (almond or walnut flour) and have some sort of jam. I'm also in the hunt for a good gingerbread recipe 😁

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I feel bad for you and wish the best outcome for you as a new grand parent.

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Our precious little light of our lives was born last week. We've never felt a love like this before. It's a nice reminder that even in the crazy, messed-up world we live in, there is still so much innocence. Shout out to my incredible husband, who's been supporting me every step of the way and is on diaper duty. I'm in love with him more and more each day. He's a great dad!

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Did anyone in the Pentagon think a year ago that it might be a possibility that we would send tanks to Ukraine or we might need them ourselves if Taiwan got hot etc?

I know people who were previously in the Army in supply chain positions and they've said they were constantly doing war game planning scenarios to make sure they had what would be needed in the pipeline for any possibility. Have they stopped doing this type of thing so they can concentrate on WOKE policies?

The City is planning on turning our small town in a lake into a massive multimillion dollar booming tourist town. They're gonna get rid of all the local staples. Idk how I feel about it. We moved out here to get away from the craziness. I guess you always want to buy a house somewhere where they'll expand eventually and increase property values. But I'm not a big fan of change. Has this happened to any of you over the years?

Hypothetically, with this $600 reporting limit on funds from venmo, etc. what if a friend is just paying you back after you loaned them money? Why should I get taxed on my own money, that has already been taxed, just because I help a buddy out? Or if I pay someone back for a split bill at a restaurant? I don't understand how they will discern between legitimate income and just innocent cash moving around.

Off the political topic:

My husband and I are having our first baby (a little girl!) in January and are trying to put a baby shower registry list together.
What were some of your "must haves" for your babies?
Any other advice?

P.S. 3D scan technology is insane! 😍

Why am I getting Warlock ads all the way down in FL?? Leave me out of this! 🤣

Walked in. Walked out. I guess most people vote early or don't vote in my area.
Rent control was on the ballot 🙄

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When Republicans take back Congress, the worst thing they could do is impeach Biden. That spectacle will be exploited by Democrats and seen by voters as a waste of time as they are being savaged by inflation. They can't convict Biden. Why hand the left a gift to distract from the failed Democrat policies?

"Fall blast to bring widespread record cold." - Weather Channel

As someone who lives in Florida, I say, bring it! It'll be nice to have some nights in the 60's 😁

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Last night was rough. It was like sitting inside a car wash, with everything running, but 10x louder. We had almost dodged a bullet by not having any trees in our backyard. But then in the morning our neighbors tree uprooted, and the only thing keeping it from smashing into our window is our old decrepit fence.

Ironically, the other neighbor, who initially called our fence old and decrepit, his brand new fence flew apart.

We've been getting a series of power surges in Orlando over the past half hour. It's starting.

Got up at 4 to see the launch today. Too bad it got scrubbed. We had a premium spot.

Does anyone else's work computer get so slow, you spend more time restarting it than actually working?

Zen Ina is about to rage quit! 😤

Just sat in on the most lovely presentation given by Dr. Pimentel (from "Music Within") on leadership and changing the perception of ability.

His stories reminded me of stories my grandparents used to tell us. He's had quite a life.

Key takeaway: If you have the ability to do something, and that something can do good, what is your response? == responsibility

I also didn't know they had "Ugly Laws" back in the day.

Very inspirational (better than motivational).

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