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The and @RealNCIS recently arrested a nuclear engineer and his wife after they allegedly sold information regarding the design of nuclear submarines to a person they believed represented a foreign power.


Court docs:

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Cuban visits dealership for the first time. Gets emotional at the end.


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As an aside to the ongoing tragedies in Afghanistan and Haiti, I am so glad I have this platform to come to for clarity and sensible discussions. It’s seems like old home week with Rex, TW, and our host, Saul all contributing! Our QV home is well-managed and weeded regularly. Well worth your monthly contribution.

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So, avoiding the press, and avoiding other world leaders. Is that what they call "leading from behind"?

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FLASHBACK: Dirtbag McConnell Says He Doesn’t Want Trump to Spend $1 Trillion on Infrastructure – Then Supports Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Plan

19 GOP Senators that voted for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, Will Rue the day! The Voters will not forget!


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@Cdubois @DTPrez @Julie @BenKTallmadge Seems to me he is playing a charactercher of what the elites think a southern would be like. Why all the flannel and that weird non-southern accent? I expected to see a wad of tobacco in his lip. That would top it off however, chewing tobacco is considered the same as cigarettes so not allowed in federal buildings.

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@REX People want to see proof. He's preaching to the choir about his frustration with the MSM and how it seems there was election fraud. He has been saying he has the proof. What is it? Show the goods. The Arizona audit has been completed for nearly 2 months. What's the story? Where is John Durham? There is always some big shoe that is going to drop and it never does. The democrats threw Cuomo out and it only took a week. The right just talks and talks.

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I noticed some griping, whining and complaints on twitter about Larry Elder, and his remarks about Biden.

Just a cursory glance at a few threads and sites. I don't know how widespread the complaints are.

Conservatives must know that the Dems will use that question as a trap. If Elder said he did not accept Biden as President, that would be the only issue until the Recall.

Super-MAGAs are upset about one comment and attack Elder. Purity test self-destruction.

Hopefully a minor issue

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Let's hope Days 2 & 3 are better. Lindell is taking huge personal risks here for which he deserves praise and congratulations.

What a pity it will be if all that is remembered is a ranting buffoon holding a pillow.

That's exactly what America's enemies want. Their aim is to undermine the credibility of election fraud claims, by portraying anyone voicing concern as a tin foil hat loon, if not a domestic terrorist.

Let's hope Lindell does not give them that gift.

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“Liberals believe that crime is inextricably linked with poverty. In reality, most poor people never resort to crime, and some wealthy people commit evil acts to enrich themselves further. Harlem, East Los Angeles, South side of Chicago are not the poorest communities in the United States...The poorest communities are Shannon County, South Dakota, followed by Starr, Texas, and Tunica, Mississippi. Have you ever heard of these residents rioting to protest their living conditions?”
Rush Limbaugh

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IF Andrew Cuomo were to make a decision about his problems?

Moving forward?

ALL he has to do is follow the
The Bill Clinton Model...his old Dem boss.

"...I did not have sex...with that woman...Ms. Lewinsky"

" ..I am here to do the peoples business and get back to work..."

OR something like that...

Yeah his is a freak and psychopath...and is disgusting and WEIRD...

BUT...I REALLY prefer we want to get this PRICK... on the death of people in nursing homes...

Moms, dads, aunts...


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Here is "Conan"... her name and handler info are top confidential. The gentleman handling her here is not her handler/partner. His or her identity is protected.

As you listen to President Trump in this video, remember she had a Go Pro camera attached to her helmet during the tunnel run. He watched the footage live, along with other top military officials and other advisors like Kash Patel. I love the admiration in his voice for both her and her human partners.



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@searchformeaning @macoman4u1

If you are going to lie to insinuate you anti-vax bullshit, you need to up your game.

CDC definition:

"Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose."

Consider this your only warning. We do not like lying trolls here.


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According to Nunes, that report was to be released and indictments filed...two weeks ago.

Maybe we should not listen to Nunes.

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"If Lollapalooza can host tens of thousands of drug-addled liberals, if Barack Obama can have a birthday party with 500 guests, and if the Southern Border is wide open, I say COVID is a bunch of bullshit and nobody should abide by a single restriction. Live life as you see fit."


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