@Salansar1: Iran has supported most terrorist groups, and we are able to cut off its hands and destroy its tools


on one hand, and Daesh & Al-Qaeda on the other, share similar objectives and aspirations explains


in his latest OP-ED

Saudi Vice Defense Minister:Our aim is for the people of Yemen to achieve their desire to live in their country safe and reassured under their legitimate government.

Spotlight section for @arabnews on its 44th Anniversary. I started my writing career in 2008 with the paper fast forward many years its a platform I enjoy being a part of.

Qatar has spent money funding media operations and funding lobbyists in Washington and they have been successful.

A must watch, BLOOD MONEY


I had to reedit my video and spell out things that I thought were clear.

Little by little, I'm accepting that people are much stupider now than they were when I was growing up.


Thanks to some super-fast work by the editors at The @EpochTimes, my new column is already up now!

"The End of the Collusion Delusion"


Are we doomed to repeat many mistakes made in history?
It seems that we are because many of the current issues today resemble the past just packaged differently.

March 19 - Rasht, northern
People marking the annual Fire Festival (celebrated on the last Tuesday night of the Iranian calendar year prior to ).
This is despite the regime issuing religious decrees calling on people to refrain from partying.


A hobby of mine is reading quotes from people who have left a mark in history. It is a good way to tap into successful peoples mindsets

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I thought Adel Jubeir had some very good comments. Defusing the current tension and reaffirming that terrorism is an enemy of any civilized nation and does not have a religion also was a very important point to make at this time.

"🚨U.S. Law Enforcement **WANTS** the New Zealand shooter's video for TRAINING PURPOSES. This is in light of HEAVY CENSORSHIP surrounding the footage.

New Zealand police are making it so difficult to obtain, that US authorities are contacting KIWI FARMS in order to acquire it. ". twitter.com/nickmon1112/status

To the American people:
As an Iranian, I want to warn you about Rep. Ro Khanna praising Trita Parsi, a known & disgraced apologist/lobbyist of the regime ruling .

Boost to warn the American public about Tehran's dangerous influence & call on your elected representatives for action.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.