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"... their citizenship status was unclear."

Assholes, no matter from whence they came. 😢

California woman, boyfriend accused of strangling her day-old baby in hospital

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Jessie Jane Duff on Twitter:

Meet 'The REAL Squad'.

We are .

Women stand with President @realDonaldTrump and nothing will stop @TeamTrump from winning again.

And Democrats can NEVER tell us otherwise.

Sign up to help us here:

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Adam Schiff admitted that the real plan to ‘get Trump’ will be when he leaves office.

Schiff called Trump an “unindicted co-conspirator” during his appearance on CBS today and said the SDNY should indict Trump after his presidency for campaign finance violations.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York wrapped up their probe after investigating the Trump Organization over a potential campaign finance violation because Trump paid 2 women ‘hush"
payments in 2016

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Danielle D'Souza Gill Tweeted:

Our squad is better


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And suddenly THIS video appears.

Tlaib being forcibly removed from a Trump rally in 2016.

Those men are US Secret Service. They deemed her a threat.

You can see that she's completely insane.

Expect many more such videos. First Trump made the Squad the face of the Democrats, and now he's going to expose them.

Game, set, and match.

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The Democrats are panicking.

Now Trump wants ALL black and brown people deported and Islam banned.

Ben Carson laughed.

Zalmay Khalilzad laughed.

They can't keep this up for the next 16 months. It's too frenzied.

My guess is Omar knows that she's going to forced to resign.

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I've written about Charlottesville before and I've never defended the police actions. I'm questioning whether the mistakes the police made were due to incompetence or a deliberate attempt to have the groups fight each other.

Big mistake was they had no exit strategy once the rally was cancelled. The rally goers should of been escorted out by police to prevent Antifa from attacking them.

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Sorry Everyone....Karma’s Janitor already won the internet today!!!

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Hard to tell if he actually died.

But HKers have some humor in the midst of this thuggery.

They joked as if God struck him down.

"God blast you"...instead of "bless you".


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A pregnant woman apparently was beaten; there is accusation of police and "black society" collaboration

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The corruption has really hurt these people. POTUS called it after the hurricane.

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However much I protested "common sense" in my youth, I think now it is indeed a place that can be found.

Atrocities exist today. REAL concentration camps in China.

Sick ruling elite, media which plays propaganda, obfuscation of evil.

The requirement for moral truth was imo TOO EXACTING in academia and lost in professionalization and cordoning off areas not open to the common man.

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Tip for those of you who plan to commit crimes:

1. Shut up when the cops catch you, anything you say before the Miranda warnings will be used against you. Your silence also will be used, so you might want to act normal, but otherwise shut up.

2. When you DO get Miranda warnings, say the following magic words: "I unambiguously invoke my Fifth Amendment Right to Silence and an Attorney" or something similar. There is now a magical shield around you against interrogation that only you can break.

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From Bill Mitchell: The more President Trump causes the Democrats to embrace Cortez and Omar the worse it is for the Democrats and the better it is for Trump.

And they walk right into that trap every single time. Say what you want about Democrats being evil, but they just aren't that bright.

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Everyone wants to raid AREA 51 to find aliens but theyre all pissed at I.C.E. for doin the same thing in San Fran 😳

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Elizabeth needs to be fired. She’s part of the rot and decay in America! And why the hell is she suddenly interested in indicting a President? She didn’t seem to care when America was being turned into a shithole dictatorship and sold out by the previous conman. Yet, here we are 2.7 yrs into Trump administration, who BTW, is doing GREAT things for America! but Chief Pow Wow Mia wants him indicted. She’s a lying, power hungry lunatic!

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