(1) So true, Alex. Charging them with treason is unnecessary and I would argue highly counter-productive too.

The goal I have at the forefront of my mind is for the outcome of all this in about 5-6 years' time to be transparency that allows for the education of voters so that they are way less likely to ever elect a traitor again.

Other benefits will also accrue, of course.



(2) IMHO:

No death sentences needed. No treason convictions. No indictment of a former POTUS - for the sake of the country, not the person. His true legacy of shame will be punishment enough.

(I explain why, in toot (1) above.)

Punishment is only one of the four pillars of corrective justice. Deterrence is at least as important.


@GodlessNZ @Alex_Graham you are both speaking as good, well rounded people who see the lay of the land, I think that for MANY out there in the depths of TDS/Lib land anything LESS that sedition/conspiracy/collusion/coup/treason will allow them to turn and say ALL this is BS and done for POLITICAL reasons. I agree that some will lose everything but skate. I do not believe HRC is one of them. I believe she WILL be convicted in order to deter others from going down the same path. Pardoned by DJT


@oystergirl @GodlessNZ @Alex_Graham you just reminded me of the Al Smith dinner. Hillary bumped into Trump and said “pardon me”

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