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Nearly 20 percent of millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust: survey


The findings come from the first-ever 50-state survey on the Holocaust knowledge of American millennials and Gen Z, which was commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

@HunDriverWidow @wziminer @rarity @Lisa22 @Debradelai @watch4thedrop Holy shit, I knew ignorance was advancing with time, but had no idea that it could be this bad...

Here is Israel the subject is sensitive, and of course everybody knows about it. But I'm sure our youngsters have their part in the ignorance about other subjects.

My two kids seem to still have natural curiosity, and I like to talk about history, so I hope they'll somehow do OK...


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Today's educators were brainwashed with Marxist propaganda going back to 1980 or earlier. The Marxist Left has brainwashed how many generations already?

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I graduated high school in the mid-60's in a small town in South Texas-population 5,000. Our teachers had taught the parents & siblings of my classmates. I promise you this crap wasn't in our school. Love of country, American & world history were a priority. We weren't allowed to graduate without passing a test on the US Constitution.

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Take a look at Columbia, Yale, UCLA and weep.

Your small town in Texas was among the last to get it, some still have not, and it matters not.

They got those kids at Texas A&M.

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I was told years ago that the insanity starts on both coasts, moves to the middle of the country, then drops down. Thank God, Texas, in those days, was near the last.

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One of the biggest perpetrators of the destruction of public education & destruction of the American family was LBJ. One only has to research the treachery of LBJ including his hand in the Vietnam War.

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I graduated from Columbia’s nursing program in the late 70s, and can vouch — the teaching was full-on Lib.

Much of the population around us were welfare recipients, and wow — did I fight for my patients who needed more stuff!

It never occurred to me that it was odd to keep having babies that one couldn’t afford. That’s just one little example.

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if you wanna hear something scary, i did not even know what the constitution was when I graduated high school. They literally teach nothing about it. zilch. nada.

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In 1980, when I was active in exposing what was going on in the public schools, we used to attend textbook hearings. We discovered that history textbooks being approved for the schools in Texas had one or two paragraphs about George Washington & 2-3 pgs on Marilyn Monroe?? Figure that one out. Public education had already hit the shitter in 1980 on.

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Still like that. Except now Washington is two lines, the paragraphs went to Marilyn and the chapter to Cesar Chavez and Malcolm X.
Democrats controlled Texas, and the Texas school board controlled textbooks for the whole country.
And we still have not fixed that.

@Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @Lisa22

no apologies necessary. you're right. my class attendance records may have been less than perfect 😅

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My parents are first gen immigrants. They know a constitution exists in this country but nothing about what is in it

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My parents are multi-generational American and didn't provide me with ANY information. As a young girl, my mother threw a pamphlet at me about getting my period. End of all instruction.

@Lisa22 In my school in NJ, in the 1960's, we got Holocaust Education classes starting in third grade. @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

@wziminer @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

We had nothing about it in our school that I can remember in the 70s/80s. I learned about it from my mom. They would do Nazi graffiti on the stores nearby and my mom would call the city to get it taken down.

@Lisa22 I got nightmares from watching "Night and Fog" for years after seeing it. You can't even find it on youtube, it is so censored. You CAN find a two-minute trailer though - at least it was there 6 months ago when I tried to find it. @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

@wziminer @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

I won't watch it then, I'll just read a summary. I can't watch stuff like that, even fictional stuff.

@Lisa22 @wziminer @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @rarity Thanks for there reference. Watched it now. I found it on Vimeo. Can post the link if you like.

I've seen similar presentations before, but this one is one of the more effective that I've encountered. Definitely not for the weak of heart. Some denier asshats should see it. I'd love to see who they wiggle to explain that it still ``never happened''.

@Lisa22 As Zemeliko mentioned, it's more important for deniers to watch than you, because you already know it happened. @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

@wziminer @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

Alas, those won't be swayed so easily.

The notion that these crazies can be brought to admit reality by a film is, at best, wishful thinking.

At worse, no less delusional than they are.

@Debradelai As ever, I am an optimist. I think if we can get them before the deniers get them and educate them again in the schools, we can change hearts and minds. I suspect some of the "IfNotNow" Jews have never been taught what really happened during the Holocaust, and so equate what is going on in the Palestinian territories as equivalent. They need some tough love. @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @rarity

@wziminer @Debradelai @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop @2020_DJT @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @rarity I don't think that a movie will make them admit reality so easily. But pressing them with questions might (perhaps in wishful thinking, but still) make the holes in their perception a bit more glaring.

And I agree, no sane person with any basic understanding of history can make any comparison between Jews in Europe in the 40's and Palestinians today. On any level, and from any viewpoint.

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As am I. I can't believe that all kids today are so desensitized that watching photos and videos doesn't reach them somewhere deep in their souls.

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A friend, a retired Green Beret Capt, who served in Vietnam, wrote to tell me that his father was at the Nuremberg trials & was one of the first men to walk into Dachau. His father took Jon to see Dachau; he said the brick ovens made him sick. I have another friend who visited Dachau; he told me the cab driver wouldn't get out of the car because Dachau was so evil & the evil can be felt there. Glenn said the same.

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I just watched this on Vimeo. It is horrific. Most of the images I had seen long ago. I knew all of it. What amazes me the most is the number of countries these souls were taken from. God shed many tears over those years. The evil still lives on all over the world, even in our own country. We must NEVER EVER forget. People who deny are just as evil as Hitler and his "men," as are those who "didn't know."

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I have to say, I must have been one of the lucky ones.

I learned a lot of things in high school when it came to the constitution, etc. I even had a government teacher who didn't want to tell us her party affiliation because she didn't want to influence our choice.

This was 1994-1995 school year.

Of course, the majority was self-taught or from my parents.

I can't imagine how it is today.

@umad80 @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @Lisa22

as far as i remember, there was no specific "government" class. Just social studies(history). was that an elective?

@watch4thedrop @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @Lisa22

Nope. Mandated class.

In Maryland, at the time as it's not something done now, you had to pass four major tests. One of them was a civics exam. If you didn't pass, you didn't graduate.

So a government class was given in the 9th grade.

From what I gather from the kids today, that is no longer the case.

Such a shame. We actually learned things then.

@watch4thedrop @umad80 @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity

It used to be Civic Studies and then turned into Social Studies. I think that's when it all went south about teaching the historic value of our country.

@Lisa22 @watch4thedrop @umad80 @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity I'm 59. In 4th grade history & geography was still taught. I loved my history book. I shared with @karnage its depiction of the CA missions & Fr. Junipero Serra. Karnage recently was part of a group that guarded the statue of Fr. Serra from rioters. I was fonder of history, but with "social studies" geography suffered too. Per Wictor - "no one knows how anything works" - or even where they ARE!

@Joycevor @watch4thedrop @umad80 @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @karnage

I am right near one of the missions. I just wrote a Middle Grade novel and there is a scene with a mission in it -- now I'm worried that I'll have to take it out (!)

@Lisa22 @watch4thedrop @umad80 @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @karnage The best children's books I loved were not placid. Little House on the Prairie isn't sugary. Every protagonist that stuck in my memory faced adversity: David Copperfield, Sara Crewe in a Little Princess, Jane Eyre, Tom Sawyer. I could keep going, but they were all subject to the political and economic circumstances of their era. Even Alice in Wonderland dealt with Victorian gaslighting.

@Joycevor @watch4thedrop @umad80 @Debradelai @HunDriverWidow @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @karnage

Thank you for that! It's kind of upper middle grade (14-17)...I explain it as "Narnia" meets "Shazam." It's got a little horror in it but not gory. A lot of humor.

@HunDriverWidow @Debradelai @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop

I graduated from a Long Island, NY high school in early 70s. The school was ~
98% Jewish. The Holocaust was NEVER taught.

But our German d-i-l, age 28y/o, learned about in school in Essen, Germany. It was a required teaching subject, and still is.

Go figure.🤷🏼‍♀️

@rarity @HunDriverWidow @Debradelai @awfulangel @wziminer @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop That's bad... But Germany has tried to make amends about it, so they care, at least officially. It's not an exactly fair comparison.

On the other hand, a 98% Jewish school... I don't know...

@rarity @HunDriverWidow @Debradelai @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @watch4thedrop

Germans are taught in practically kindergarten about the Holocaust. It's literally drummed into them.

@HunDriverWidow @Debradelai @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @rarity @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop

I had a history teacher in the 8th grade who was Jewish. She was passionate about WWII and the holocaust. It wasn't so much what she taught us.. it was more about the unspoken rage she taught us with - that helped me understand what a pivotal moment in world history it was. She sparked my fascination with WWII that lives to this day. Fortunately, I got to visit many places she spoke of years later.

@Lonestar @HunDriverWidow @Debradelai @awfulangel @Zemeliko @wziminer @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop

I took a college course on "modern" Jewish history in the mid-70s. The instructor was a tall, slender blonde Auschwitz survivor.
She told us she'd survived because she'd looked older than 12 y/o.
When she came to the US, she first taught in a Hebrew school. When children asked about the numbers on her arm, the principal instructed her to tell them it was her phone number.

I kid you not.😓

@wziminer @Lonestar @HunDriverWidow @Debradelai @awfulangel @Zemeliko @Lisa22 @watch4thedrop

It was shocking to all of us! The class let out a collective gasp.

When she came here in the 1950s there was A LOT of shame experienced by Jews who'd survived. The entire subject of the Holocaust wasn't discussed openly for many years.

It was NEVER discussed in my family, and we lost so many relatives.

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