@shem_infinite: "The Democrats are fighting extremely hard to allow violent rioters to continue to destroy their cities. This is in response to federal law enforcement officers making arrests, imagine what they would have done if the President sent in the military?

>@BrianKosh: 'Inbox: Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum is suing DHS and other agencies, and will seek a restraining order to prevent unlawful detainment of Oregonians.

Here’s the entire release: [screenshots]'"


@JonathanTurley: ''As a legal matter, Portland cannot force the federal officers out of Portland or prevent arrests for federal offenses. This is the other side of federalism. The federal government has jurisdiction in the protection of federal buildings and the arrest of suspects in federal crimes"


(H/T @Heminator RT )



Doesn't the federal government have an obligation to protect every American citizen even from governors, mayors, & city counsels who are, in fact, self-proclaimed, power-crazed, corrupt dictators putting the citizens of their states in jeopardy. For example, Newsom, Northam, Whitmer, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Lightfoot, Garcetti, Edwards, Brown, Evers, Ige, Inslee, Lamont, Kelly, Grisham, Mills, Murphy, Polis, Pitzker, Sisolak, Walz, Wolf, Beshear, Raimondo, et al.

@HunDriverWidow @darulharb

Simply put no. We are not subjects of a kingdom.

We are citizens of a Federal Republic and in such a Constitution with a 10th Amendment.

Just as in Portland, when somebody in a state is in violation of a Federal law, the Feds can come in and enforce that law.

But, as in all judicial matters, due process is afforded to all citizens.

Now, if you decide you don't want that for everyone, you deserve the repercussions.

There is a plan afoot for us all.

@HunDriverWidow @darulharb

Decide to act in haste for the few is exactly what is AntiFa and BLM are doing.

Shortsightedness never won anything, even for, and especially, the few.

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