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Truly stupid by my way of thinking.

If people remain in their cars, it's no different than being at a stoplight on a 3- or 4-lane boulevard.

I'm so tired of governmental overreach and Constitution stomping.


AG Barr interview last evening said many states are overreaching and he expected that. he said after Apr. 30, we will see where we are and address overreach by Gov.'s if they continue.

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I trust Trump to right the world when the proper time comes.

Until then, we'll just have to grin and bear the little tin dictators' flexing of their power muscles, stringy as they are.

@Darabrab @JM @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois I agree! President Trump has a lot on his plate right now but he has been handling it well and I trust he will continue to do so.

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We will have to see what happens if they try to take those measures past beginning of May as @drawandstrike pointed out.

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That is what is looking like we are headed, they try to keep these restrictions while at the federal level the guidance gets loosened.

@redwhitebluedude @JM @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike Definitely! This whole thing here in this blue state has made me feel like this is a power grab for people’s minds and lives. Their work, their future, their leisure all under control of a bunch of politicians who do not know us but want to control our lives down to the tiniest detail. Feels like we are under a magnifying glass held by Big Brother!

@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike Yes they have. These very vocal ignorant leftist politicians are who I only have one emotion for and that is pure hatred. Them, the Hollyweirdos who act like their lives are so much more important that everyone else’s, just because of who we voted for. I had said 3 years ago on Twitter that I have no feelings toward these people because they have no heart, soul or conscience. I still feel that way, but I have anger.

@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike BUT, it’s a good anger. The anger that says these people need defeated. The anger that gets you motivated to fight evil. There is much evil in the Democratic Party and within the turncoats against President Trump in the Republican Party as well. And this evil needs wiped out.

@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike I truly believe that if we did not have President Trump that this overreach would continue to the loss of our way of life and a takeover by the left. But that won’t happen with President Trump in charge. We have his back.

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The RATs think The Deplorables are hiding out & won't be at the Trump rallies in such huge numbers again. They've got a huge shock coming; the Trump rallies will be bigger than ever!!!


Let that anger go, they do not deserve to use your energy. They are NOT worthy...💞💕

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@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike Oh, but they deserve this anger. And it is not affecting me because I use it for creative reasons and for motivation to not only keep me going on the right path physically and mentally. This isn’t going to kill me, it’s only going to make me stronger. How? Well, like Saint Michael (in thought, not comparing myself to him otherwise) I know who the enemy is and I pray for God’s strength for the good guys fighting against

@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike this evil in every aspect. We know the Democratic Party has used people all over the globe in every dastardly deed from when Zero was in office, through the Dems continuing their love of China, Communism and socialism. Zero was having people killed in Syria, had Iranian informants killed because of his stupidity and arrogance, etc. We know who the enemy is and it is time for their defeat.

@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike Thank you! I get fired up but am learning how to use it as a positive motivation instead of as a defeatist fault.

@JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike What do we need to do? Well, continue to pray for President Trump and all of his allies all over the world for the strength to combat the evil facing everyone everywhere. The Democrats seem to draw their negativity from all over the world. Their siding with the terrorists in their own party, their respect for them and communists and socialists of the past. This belief needs defeated.

@JM A lone kitten can do so much when it thinks it’s a tiger!💪🏼👍🏼👏🏻 🐈 🐅

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I think that the total control of people gathering in a group is simply the Democrats stopping political rallies. The only ones that are affected that way are Republicans. Who the he'll would want to go to a Biden rally? Most people get their information from mainstream media, controlling that as they hope most people are going to be fooled into thinking Trump is losing.

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@Dubby @JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike Thing is, they know people like to talk politics when they are at their favorite eating place or bar. The seniors in our town go to the McDonalds for breakfast and then head over to the Senior Center. Politics is a big subject among them. But now they don’t have a way to gather at either place in a group. No inside gathering, the Senior Center is closed and the experts want seniors to stay away from crowds unless

@Dubby @JM @redwhitebluedude @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @drawandstrike at the grocery store senior hour or in limited numbers at the Wal-Mart. The only place they can gather is at their homes (but no crowds over 10 people) and at the senior living centers but many aren’t having guests in. So it’s mostly just be among friends at the senior apartment places. I don’t even think the seniors can take meals in the dining room together where my mom is. Everything they do is affected.

@JM @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois Yes, Sebastian Gorka mentioned that this afternoon, that he appreciated AG Barr cutting through the misinformation from the panicking states.

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Wear Antifa clothing and masks while hitting people with bike locks in between hymns.

Cops and mayors will leave you right alone. In fact, they'll give you "spaces."

@Work_to_Live @Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @JM Exactly! It’s a load of horse pucky mayors that like to let Antifa have their way and then their ordering of police to “stand down” that give Antifa their boldness.

@Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @JM Agreed! It’s like they pick and choose things on their own whims.

Went to our local Wendy’s for Diet Coke and a baked potato. Happy to say the good manager got rid of the idea of the container to put your card in and then for them to put your soda and bag in. As long as you aren’t kissing the staff or sneezing or coughing on each other you should be fine. I wash my hands before and after eating anyway and carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer in the

@Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @JM car for “touch-ups”. I have never felt afraid of getting the Coronavirus. I guess after having had a hysterectomy and spinal surgery previously, I’m just like “I’ve had just about everything else!”. But the Lord watches over the crazies like me and so far all is well!

It’s sad and strange though. I had planned to go back with my sister on her Wound Center visits to see the crew and then go to the Great Valley Grill for that great Diet Delight omelet

@Darabrab @HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @JM of theirs with tomato and broccoli. They serve breakfast all day, so this week my sister checked online and then called them to see if they were still doing take-out. The website is down and she only got a message with information on the restaurant about dining hours inside. So apparently they are closed, hopefully temporarily, until this Coronavirus mess is over. They are a great, friendly eating place and I hope they can come back fully in business.


I hope for your sake they do as well. Hard to find a great place that serves breakfast all day.

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