1. If the Swamp crooks haven't been frightened up to now, they'll be TERRIFIED now.

A G Barr appoints John Durham to review origins of Russian enquiry.

NOTE : NO SPECIAL COUNSEL. Barr's going to make this a hard-core, DOJ led investigation.

By one of DOJs toughest attorneys. A hard SOB, John Durham.

Oh, man.


2. Do you know what Durham's nickname at DOJ is?


Reminder : John Durham was a key member of Rudy Giuliani's take down of the 5 Families, in particular the Genovese family.

This guy is a relentless, super aggressive crime fighter. Whoever is involved in the Trump/Russia lie is SCREWED.


3. Durham is 68 years old.

He is likely part of the corruption-busting crew that Trump has worked with as a CI & patriot: Barr, Mueller, Rosenstein, Trewilliger, Boente etc.

His experience is here. Check it out - the guy is a total gun. Experience is in 'complex organized crime, violent crime, public corruption and financial fraud matters.'

With a special expertise in? FBI corruption.

2019/20 gonna be LIT, folks.

The end.



Holy smokes...they really did “get the band back together”. ROTFL

This is going to be more “lit” than Kings Landing under a dragon siege with a crazed Targaryen in the saddle.

Prediction? Pain and sentencing...


@XL2_5N @REX

It's still difficult to look at those two evil faces. I had to turn the TV off every time one of them was on.

@HunDriverWidow @REX

Agreed, I can’t listen to Obama speak... unless his TelePrompter goes down. Then you get the real knucklehead and it’s quite a treat to hear DEAR LEADER stammer and try to make a valid cohesive point.

You take Trump off teleprompter and you still get the same speech, hell, he may not even use one for all I know.

@XL2_5N @HunDriverWidow @REX
Not to mention the ridiculous number of times he says, "I" or "me". If we had drinking game going taking a sip every time he said that, we'd all be trashed. 😜

@redwhitebluedude @HunDriverWidow @REX

Spot on.

Wasn't there something like 250+ in one of his recent spewing?

@XL2_5N @HunDriverWidow @REX

The first time I ever heard that joke I nearly wet myself laughing so hard.

One of the funniest ever!

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