If this is true, the all those Obama hacks outed themselves out by resisting AG Barr. Of course this could also be a distraction.


I am glad to see this movement. It has always puzzled me why all my Jewish friends vote in sync with the Democrats. Perhaps, the left has gone too far this time, and they are not even trying to hide it.

This chick was always crazy... Im sure she still is. Idk. I cannot stand the catholic church, nothing personal, my wife and mom were raised catholic. I don't like THE CHURCH I have nothing but love for the people. I liked John Paul. He was a good guy. Idk what her problem was with him... Whatever, this song and video is awesome. I was in about 6th grade, no way did I admit this one at the time.

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I wondered about Terrence having an accident on the way to meet POTUS. He's still in the hospital.

If you look, he outed Kamala as Smollet's aunt the day before the accident.


Someone once said that you can vote your way into socialism, but you always have to shoot your way out.

It's not "gross" to celebrate the fact that Jussie Smollet jumped to his metaphorical death.

His fake hate crime was galvanizing people to commit violence against any Trump supporter they could find. We did nothing to deserve what was happening.

So now we rub their faces in their failure. We cheer and laugh and celebrate.

This is RIGHTEOUS Schadenfreude.

Our opponents deserve it.

So let them have it.



Rigidity of thought is a defining characteristic of leftism.

They simply refuse to accept reality.

The concept of importing voters and assuming they will vote for you and not install their own is a tad naive.
Perhaps this better explains the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The demographic shifted to heavy Latino in her district.
Given, just as Obama, I’m certain her ‘career’ has been put in front of her by the “shadow masters”, but that still doesn’t change the overall point. The "shadow masters" (if you will) know how to manipulate all too well.

Also having an Emperor killed skinned, stuffed and mounted to the wall sets a serious tone as well... that's more a Persian thing, ask Valerian about that. But I digress.

Basil the Macedonian, newly proclaimed Emperor, rode the streets of Constantinople (Byzantium) with his predecessors head affixed to a pike. How’s that for a thank you? Gratitude I could do without!

As been noted over time; Nothing says "obey me" like a head on a stick.

Michael realizes his position. Basilius had amassed a fortune and has more influence in the army and the senate than, he, the Emperor did.
A week or two later, after a night of heavy drinking, Michael III awoke to guards surrounding his bed. Basilius then watch the execution.

Time passes and Michael finds himself in financial hardship due to his own lavish indulgences. The Emperor asks Basilius to repay some of the money from over the years…

To Michael’s dismay Basilius refused; given only an impudent smile.

With having Michael’s ear, Basilius convinced the Emperor his Uncle Bardas, the head of the army, was a threat to him and needed to be taken out. Relenting, Michael orders the assassination of his uncle.
Naturally Basilius suggests himself as the replacement at the head of the army and is granted his request, per usual.

Passing over the much more qualified Bardas, his uncle that was responsible for installing him on the throne in the first place. Basilius learns quickly and is soon advising Michael on all matters of the empire.
The only issue is Basilius appetite for money. He needed more and more as he settles into lavish habits. His salary is doubled then tripled. Michael gave Basilius his favorite mistresses hand in marriage. This was likely to keep her around the palace, but still.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.