1. Go woke, go broke.

An incredibly stupid decision by Chick Fil-A, that was also totally unnecessary. By doing this they have effectively given their core customer base the bird.

So why? What gives?


2. As always you need to have a look around to work out what's happening.

Like the fact that in April, the powers that be at CFA stupidly appointed progressive, Trump-hating Cheryl Batchelder to their board.


3. As well as Dale Jones, progressive and 'diversity' nut.

Both are typical of the elitist managerial class these days - they move from corporation to corporation, swimming in a 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' network of patronage and favors, spouting whatever motherhood statements and virtue signalling BS is required to make a buck.

Plus, they genuinely believe that they're very, very special human beings.


4. Some fool at CFA got suckered in by this type of gobbledygook :

'Most boards in the U.S., unlike in Europe, don’t have term limits. As a result, you don’t have as much fluidity around the movement of people on boards, in order to bring in new and fresh blood into the boardroom' (Jones)

Anyone get past 'fluidity'? LOL. Meaningless mumbo jumbo.

And honestly, to use European companies as any sort of benchmark or example as the way forward is hilarious. It's foolish.


5. Oh well, Chick Fil-A.

You let the foxes into your coop.

They will destroy your company. Count on it.

Today is evidence that they already have. Millions will never go to CFA again. Millions more will go far less than they once did.

All because you pandered to narcissistic folk, who don't care about your business and despise your customers.



The end.


@REX The question becomes, who will they donate to instead? No doubt some leftwing group. As you said, they let the foxes into the hen house and it will bring down their company.

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