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Trump's second term will be amazing.

He won't have any limits.

In most ways, he hasn't even gotten started yet.

Think about THAT.


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Remember a year or so ago, when all the "experts" said that war with China is inevitable?

No. Never happen.

We're going to work it out with them.

No need to pull a Deir Ezzor on them.

It's not an overstatement to say that Donald Trump is one of history's most consequential people.

He may the MOST consequential, in that he wins without war.

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The PLA is made up entirely of only sons.

That is, the only son of a family.

The PLA can't take casualties. Currently the Chinese have to put down about 18,000 armed uprisings every year.

If the PLA lost 30,000 only sons, the country would explode.

Mix in the abysmal level of training and the crappy weapons, and you have a country with no real armed forces.

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The only reason that the Chinese didn't invade Hong Kong was that we told them something.

We've spent almost 20 years fighting insurrectionists.

Therefore we know how to fight AS insurrectionists.

We can train the people in Hong Kong and Taiwan how to inflict massive casualties on the PLA.

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The Russians had never fought us, so they were delusional.

Now they know what we can do.

It's funny that Trump--accused of being a Russian agent--inflicted on the Russians the worst military defeat they'd ever suffered at the hands of Americans.

We covered it up so that Putin could save face.

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The Black Hebrew Israelites rampage in Union City is as much a "hate crime" as Maj. Nidal Hassan's rampage in Ft. Hood was "workplace violence".

Textbook terrorism.

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Well...we have a lot of ground to cover, but with subpoenaing the phone records of journalists, and Holder making up evidence to spy on them...

Just be grateful the Dimms are not in power.

They'd give Erdogan a run for his money.

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Comrade Fudge

Greta - goes in front of the UN, gets TIME person of the year, declares the world is evil for ruining her childhood in which she is a climate activist.


- Exists.


Which happened first fucksticks?

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Carpe Donktum

Dear Fired FBI Boss @Comey

Thanks to the IG Report, the American people now know EXACTLY what was happening at the FBI on your watch.

The facts are no longer up for debate, you are either the most incompetent FBI director ever, or the most corrupt.


9:40 PM 路 Dec 11, 2019

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@redwhitebluedude @NevadaJack

No reality enters into the minds of the Leftist ruling class. Hallucinations and paranoia fill their empty souls.

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"Wash your hands thoroughly after changing diapers, using the toilet, and before and after preparing food to lower the chance of infecting others."

Problem is.. the root cause is not in the purchasers/users of the salad greens. The E. coli comes from fecal contamination via the hygiene habits of the farm harvesters and/or later packaging handlers.

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The sheer scale and complexity of the corruption and criminality, with numerous international links and sources, is astonishing.

The plots, sub-plots, schemes, and the long list of crimes will be in the news for months - and then years.

The decline and fall of the Left in the West will play out. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it, or even slow it down.

Spygate is one aspect of it, and will destroy reputations as it brings down the powerful and privileged.

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This is the GOP congess so many of us have wanted and never had - in both the House and the Senate.

The strength, intelligence and integrity were there, but dormant and not unified. Trump called them into action and unity.

It is their voices and their ability. Trump was the catalyst

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Ted Cruz to Horrowitz...

"This wasn't Jason Bourne, this was Beevis and Butthead!"

Now that's funny right there.

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Victoria Toensing tweeted:


@kamalaharris asked IG Horowitz to investigate for leading investigation into the origins of .

Does she not know the role of an AG is to lead investigations?

Kamalla has been smoking too much weed.

Or missed too many law school classes.

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