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@DavidLimbaugh: "If we had a real media Biden would be toast right now. The only thing he claims he has on Trump is 'character,' and yet he’s been caught dead to rights not only lying about fracking, Russian involvement on the emails, Ukraine, etc, but Bobulinski has him cold on foreign $$$$."

(H/T @seanmdav RT )

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James Woods
How is it conceivable that a moderator of a presidential debate does not understand that Congress has to approve a stimulus package?

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Biden lies with such ease.

A truly evil, sick individual.

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The American Goebbels, Ben Rhodes, hard at work.

A more loathsome human being would be difficult to find.

True evil.

Trump's revenge will be biblical. We are just at the start of it.


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BTW don't believe the BS that the NZ economic decline is 'COVID'.

That's BS.

It's been in freefall since Ardern was elected in 2017. Wuhan Flu just accelerated things.

Unfortunately, the Kiwis don't have a Trump.


Never forget - leftist progressives ruin everything they touch. And elections matter.

Things are going to get tough for the Kiwis. A shame - great people.

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Trump NEVER loses. He ALWAYS wins.

Don't be distracted by FakeNews.

Trump is HAPPY. You can see it. He knows he has won.


What we're seeing is a planned takedown of treasonous scum.

Obama & Co are pathetic, cynical grifters & ideologues. If they can't smear, they disguise their crimes in gobbledygook prog newspeak.

Only works if they have control. They don't.

These are the people of the LIE, who sought to destroy America.


Now, PAIN.

The end.

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Obama won't aplear. In public.

I very much doubt it, anyway.

His main concern right now is how to get out of dodge.

Obama knows he is screwed by the Hunter laptop. They all are.

Why? Hunter's role was to SELL access. Plus, he loves to brag.


His hard drive will likely expose Obama, Clinton. And of course, China Joe.

Joe Biden is a VERY stupid man. Why you'd leave such sensitive work to a crack addict is anyone's guess.

Time to pay the price.

The end.

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This is a good vid where Giuliani sets out not just how the Biden Crime Family works, but how corrupt US government officials refuse to investigate them.

What I found very interesting was how Giuliani says he gave the evidence to the State Dept, DOJ, FBI and a particular DOJ office and they all did nothing.

To me this suggests that specific individuals have been targeted for later prosecution. RICO.

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Maybe they're right, but I doubt it.

There may be very good reasons why Wray hasn't briefed Congress about Hunter Biden's laptop.

That includes the Gang of 8.

Anyone considered that there's an ongoing FBI investigation and that Congress members are caught up in it?

Therefore, Congress aka Swamp Central doesn't get briefed.

That's my assumption.

Makes far more sense than the fearporn being spread around.

And it's EXACTLY the right approach, too.

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Apparently DOJ and FBI are about to confirm ODNI Ratcliffe's announcement that the Biden material is the real deal and that the Hunter Biden laptop is in FBI possession.

For the record, I put the chances of Wray 'sitting' on the evidence as approximately 0%.

This has more likely been a very closely held investigation since at least early 2019. We already know a Grand Jury has been involved.

Congress is implicated, the Bidens, maybe even Obama.


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'Sharyl Attkisson is threatening to sue Sundance for defamation on twitter'


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100k followers on twitter.

What a legend.

Wictor is a hero and inspiration to many of us. He gave me my twitter start. One RT by Thomas and my account went nuts.

Back then, Thomas had something like 28k followers. It was a small group of us and Thomas was in the middle of it.

If the twitter cretins hadn't hassled him, Tom would be 1 million + followers now. EASY.

Be in no doubt. Wictor is social media's first great writer.

A digital Hemingway.

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What kind of dummy needs a plan to go and vote?

Don't forget to eat lunch!
Make a plan to eat lunch!

I swear.

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If he is caught up in Clinton's emails and exposed he may get less

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@redwhitebluedude @REX

There is also this:

"... a federal judge today slapped the Internal Revenue Service for what amounts to a massive cover up to protect the Clinton Foundation from having to pay as much as $2.5 Billion in unpaid federal back taxes. In a rare overture, the judge sided with pro-se litigants and Clinton whistleblowers John Moynihan and Larry Doyle and allowed their case to proceed, smacking down the IRS’s attempts to derail the case .."

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The Babylon Bee

Teachers Unions Promise School Will Resume As Soon As The Teachers Are Done Campaigning For Biden

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I think Biden's hoping New Yorkers will vote for him just to get rid of Cuomo...

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