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Too bad it took so long for Elon to complete his purchase and this wasn't made public in October

This isn't progress, we are accelerating as we circle the drain. I am withdrawing from following politics. Gonna work on my golf game and learn Spanish. I welcome our Chinese overlords.

...and to justify persecution of anyone who does not renounce him.

The reason the government has been saying white supremacists are the major threat in this country?
They started in 2015, and are continuing to attack Trump, and they will not rest until they destroy him.
They expect major unrest by Trump supporters of all backgrounds, if and when they succeed, and they are preemptively demonizing all of his supporters as white supremacist Nazis.

Andy McCarthy claims Trump has no power, as Trump claims, to request return of attorney-client privileged documents yet Pandy Andy seems to avoid the fact that some of those A/C priv documents could be from January 21, 2021 or after. I am tired of his pretzel logic.

Regarding the RAID: They will keep the specifics in the Affidavit under "Classified!" National Security wraps - and if anything specific is ever released, it will be redacted - like Swiss cheese. The request to release the Warrant came from DOJ - NSD...possibly materials could be Jan 6 related or possibly just declassified info damaging to Dems (and Repubs!) and Deep State slime. Or maybe just more cocktail napkins and menus. Will we ever know?

Denise Winter-Peragallo took this of the sun setting over Connecticut tonight

Fauxci said on Bloomberg today that he expects an undefinable surge in COVID cases (and maybe possibly an increase in hospitalizations, but was silent on deaths) in "the Fall" so we might have to respond to that (without saying what). Beware the push for mail-in balloting for the midterm elections in Blue states in the coming months!

Most Americans merely want to raise a family with limited intervention from the Federal State and Local government. Most Americans, especially recent legal immigrants of all backgrounds and skin tone, just want to be left alone, to breathe free.

The false anti-immigration shibboleth is used to bludgeon low information voters into voting against non US Chamber of Commerce conservatives. Bias is real. Historic discrimination is real. But Jim Crow and segregation and racism were the legacy of Democrats in America. Not most Republicans. The brainwashing has forced many to reject membership in both parties, what many believe is just a Uniparty that sets us against each other.

Are there racists across the political spectrum?
Is White Supremacy a thing?
I guess, but in reality it is way way way overblown and almost entirely imaginary in scope and effect .
It is used as a despicable tool by leftist government employees - with gaslighting help from media - in order to frighten minorities away from voting Republican.

The rise of Republican support (and bleeding of both parties to Independent status) nationally has forced the Democrat power structure to call America racist in order to shift blame away from Democrats.

WSJ: "In 2010, Gallup found that about 40 percent of unionized federal employees identified as Democrats, compared with 27 percent who identified as Republicans. Of those who were not members of a union, 33 percent were Republicans, and 29 percent were Democrats. (A plurality of this latter group identified as independent.)"
It is obvious most Federal government employees are likely Democrats (institutional racism, eh?).

Not sure what the stats are since 2017, but "For a brief period in the early 1980s, Democrats held majorities in the House and Senate while also having party control of the majority of state legislatures. This is now the situation for Republicans, who have picked up state legislative party control and have gained majorities in Congress since 2010-2012."

If America has been institutionally racist in the modern era, Democrats are the most responsible party. According to Nick Hillman
Associate Professor, UW-Madison: For the states: 31 states were controlled by Democrats in 1978 and, fast-forwarding to the post-2016 election, 32 states are now controlled by Republicans.

According to Pew Research: "For more than 70 years, with few exceptions, more Americans have identified as Democrats than Republicans. But the share of independents, which surpassed the percentages of either Democrats or Republicans several years ago, continues to increase. Currently, 39% Americans identify as independents, 32% as Democrats and 23% as Republicans. This is the highest percentage of independents in more than 75 years of public opinion polling."

The problem is, in the last 55 years the Left has brainwashed most minorities (most Americans!) that Republicans and Conservatives have sole possession of the legacy of bigotry. Government for the last 50 years has been run mostly by Democrats.

There were efforts to counteract dependency, like work-fare under Clinton. Yet things like the Biden-sponsored Crime Bill in 1994 (according to revisionism of the last 2 years, it had mixed results), likely contributed to mass incarceration and further family disruption.

Government policies and somewhat understandable corporate decision-making (limited bank loans in distressed areas, for example) helped to keep many minorities dependent on government or NGO programs and largesse. Leftist policies, like abortion and welfare, destroyed or weakened the traditional family unit for all Americans.

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