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Capitals won Stanley Cup.
Washington Mystics win WNBA.
Washington Nationals in World Series.
Trump = Winning!
He's not a fricking miracle worker, people!!!!

I thought Christine Blasey Ford was the only REAL "whistle blower"!?!!?

This Ukraine-related phony is just a leaker's second hand source, serving up a barium turd.

Some mfer hit my car just above the front passenger-side wheel, put a ding in there the size of a softball. Left no note. Not sure when it happened. Getting ready to sell it to CarMax anyway. Whoever did it, F you.

Re: latest Kavanaugh smear: "Detachable Penis" is a song by avant-garde band King Missile. It was the first single from the band's 1992 album Happy Hour, and became a modest hit, reaching No.25 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

I was just thinking 🤔

There are more AMERICAN FLAGS ON THE MOON than at a democrat debate!

Manafort gets solitary.
Epstein gets killer cop as cell mate.
Sounds reasonable,. right?

Thanks to all for your positivity regarding my beloved father.
My loving brother has relieved me of bedside duty for the evening.
Much thanks to the staff at the hospital and family and friends wishing Dad well.

Please keep my Dad - Ed - in your prayers.
He is ailing at 91 and the confused doctors are trying to get him back on his feet.
He served with an artillary unit with the Brooklyn National Guard in Korea and was a reservist.
He is a true patriot and loves this country.
My real name is Dan.


Every year is a gift. Heck, every moment is a gift.

Also: You are a gift to so many.

Happy Birthday!

Saul, I want to apologize for my stupid posts earlier, don't know what got into me, too much social media consumption warped my thinking. Thanks for gently slapping some sense into me. I knew better, not really sure where it came from...

It occurred to me that people at the Trump rallies are sort of like the Cameron Crazies at Duke.
Winners! And the losers hate them.
The "send her back" chant was a mocking, sardonic, humorous, good-natured tweaking of the "America: Love it or leave it" meme.

Deranged leftists have an absolute 0 level sense of humor - and the media know it is not racist or fascist.
They are phonies.
Their false outrage is all politically motivated and plays on the emotions of the insecure who are brainwashed.

“To be clear: The facts describe perhaps the most extensive spree of illegal misconduct committed by a House member in American history.”

@IndiaMaria your false projections onto my opinions are annoying and beside the point. My opinion of McCarthy is just that, nothing more.
Please save your personal attacks for people who oppose Trump.

Old friend said his family member worked at NSA some time ago.
He confirmed UK officials were embedded there (I asked based on then-current news).
Tried to Google it just now, there are Brit media articles confirming incestuous NSA-GCHQ rel'p @ the time, but no more.
I wonder if GCHQ was allowed to access certain data like Fusion GPS, other 3rd parties etc.

ABC Radio news bumpers keep pimping translated snippets from congressional testimony of the illegal immigrant mother suing the US for wrongful death.

Happy Independence Day from the North Fork of Long Island where there is no love for the Crown, or the current NY Governor.

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