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‪Thread by @CatesDuane: "THE STARS ARE ALIGNING! As Trump builds going into 2019 with a Homerun SOTU & Roaring economy the Democrats appeate Gov. A Cultural SHIFT is coming & when it hits it will […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/109

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First post...why is it called a "toot?" Reminds me of something my dad said: "it's okay to blow your own horn because you are the only one that knows the tune."

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Just a reminder for our new Jew-hating Justice Democrats:

From January of 2016 to October of 2017, somebody found and destroyed 28 Hamas attack tunnels IN GAZA.

This means commando action.

Someone went into Gaza, destroyed the tunnels, and escaped.

Twenty-eight times.

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The tunnels are a Hamas state secret.

Only one or two men know all their locations.

Each tunnel is hidden from the rest of Hamas. Only the Mokhba--tunnel fighters--assigned to the tunnel know its location.

But somebody found 28 tunnels, destroyed them, KILLED THEIR MOKHBA--and escaped.

Twenty-eight times.

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Hamas went crazy trying to figure out how this was happening.

Mokhba family members, tunnel diggers, and Hamas leaders were tortured and executed.

Finally Mokhba commanders began defecting to Israel, bringing maps.

The commandos destroyng the tunnels were Arabs.

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The Hamas attack tunnel of the past is now obsolete.

Therefore Hamas tried a new tactic:

They brought 30,000 civilians to the border and lit tires on fire, creating walls of black smoke.


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Hamas filled "medical tents" with weapons and dug tunnels almost to the Israeli border.

The terrorist plan was to emerge inside the cloud of black smoke, tear down the fence, and enter Israel to kill and kidnap.

The black smoke was to prevent Israeli snipers from seeing the terrorists.

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On the day of the attack, virtually every terrorist was killed.

Hamas reported 150 killed in action.

There were NO civilian deaths.

This means that the terrorists were killed on the Gaza side of the border.

By commandos.

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Israel's Arab allies can come and go as they please in Gaza, and they can take out everyone they want.

The Palestinians LOST.

It's over.

The Justice Democrats are a voice from the dead past.

So laugh at them.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.