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Nov 16 - Khorramshahr, SW
Security forces firing directly at protesters. Reports indicate IRGC units dispatched to Khorramshahr from Ahvaz began murdering locals, including two minors.

The Iranian regime has begun cracking down on evangelical Christians in Iran in the run-up to Christmas, experts and Iranian Christians said.


Everything is pointing to the fall of the regime.

I think people are misinterpreting Iraq.

Moqtada al-Sadr has backed away because he doesn't want this revolution to have any sectarian color.

This is a major development that is very bad news for the mullahs' regime.


And this:

Big news | Contrary what former Obama officials have been claiming for 18 months, the State Dept's legal opinion is that the US can activate the snapback mechanism on Iran. It can unilaterally re-impose all of the UN resolutions that prexisted the JCPOA.

by Mike (Doranimated) on Twitter

A month after the nationwide uprising, the regime, fearing domestic & int'l consequences over its crime against humanity, is doing its utmost to hide the number of martyrs & their names as well as the number of those arrested & imprisoned.

Activists in are sending more images of bodies being found in rivers and dams.
The mullahs' regime will resort to any and all atrocities to maintain its rule. It is high time for the int'l community to take a firm & united stance against human rights violations across Iran.

Iranian opposition MEK:
-More than 1,500 protesters killed by regime security forces in , numbers rising

Tehran: 400+
Kermanshah: 320+
Fars: 270+
Khuzestan: 240+
Isfahan: 120+
Alborz (Karaj): 100+

504 names from 56 cities published so far

"Iran's internet clampdown"

Understanding the internet blackout in & why this is merely a short-term pain reliever for the mullahs' regime.


On the surface, that seems terrible.

But it means the Iraqis are freeing themselves from the mullahs. This is desperation.

The winding down of major combat operations in Yemen also means that the mullahs are closer to their end.

From this Iranian to Newsweek,
This is absolutely disgusting & a repulsive insult to the families of the 1,000+ people killed by Khamenei's regime during the November uprising.


This is the 4-month-old baby of Safar Eidivand, a young man killed by the regime's security forces during the November protests that spread across .

In the aftermath of protests, infighting among authorities intensifies

The regime historically tries to create calm before elections, but the mullahs are still reeling in the aftermath of & trying hard to keep order among their ranks.

Iranian Officials Buy Homes in Turkey and Canada With the Budget for Importing Medicine?

-budget for importing medicines spent on houses in Turkey & Canada, mobiles phones, cars & drugs

-they spend medicine money on luxury goods for gov officials

Iranian Authorities Fear the ‘Second Phase’ of the Iran Protests

“A new force that is organized has been created. We pushed too much the community to move towards radical armed action."

Dec 12 - Activists say 's regime is dispatching armored vehicles - Toofan MRAPs - into through the Zarbatiya border crossing of Wasit Province, southern Iraq.

Mohsen Mohammad-pour, 17, was killed by the regime's security forces in Khorramshahr, southwest .

Authorities demanded 380 million rials (around $3,000) from his family for Mohsen's corpse. They realized his body parts had been removed during the autopsy.

Iranian authorities consider certain types of clothing, paraphernalia and accessories such as those with Gothic symbols as well as body art and rap, rock, and Metallica music as signs of "Satanism".

135 boys & girls arrested.

Dec 14 - Beirut,
Clashes reported between Lebanese security forces and supporters of -backed Hezbollah and the Amal group.

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