Iran's ISNA news agency publishes a map of the corona virus outbreak.

When the regime's state media prints such a startling image, rest assured all of Iran is infected.

Sources say many coronavirus fatalities are registered as other illness, e.g. pneumonia.

No joke.

This is how authorities are "sanitizing" a hospital in Khuzestan Province of southwest .

Feb 26 - Iran - Coronavirus outbreak

"There are no masks, hand sanitizing lotion or even rubbing alcohol... They all say it will arrive... This is the fourth pharmacy I've checked. None of them have anything."

Iran - coronavirus outbreak

"These sacred sites are no place for viruses, bacterias or illnesses... This is a house of cures..." the mullah says.

And then another mullah wearing a mask passes by behind him...


L: Smiling Iranian officials claim to be coronavirus positive

R: Ordinary Iranians infected with the coronavirus & fighting for their lives

Welcome to Iran under the mullahs' regime, where millions are deprived while regime use up all the resources...

Feb 26 - Ahvaz, SW Iran

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, these kids are in the streets in a cold winter night, gathering what they can to sell & help their poor families make ends meet.

Welcome to Iran under the mullahs' regime, a country with the 2nd largest natural gas & 4th largest crude oil reserves...

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