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My Great-uncle Curtis Yarnell Kimball, US Army, was American liaison to the British in Operation Market Garden.

The operation was a disaster. Curtis was the one who organized the evacuation of the wounded.

He spoke German well enough to pass as a native, which helped when he approached the Waffen SS.

Montgomery personally awarded him the Order of the British Empire.

Curtis married my Great-aunt Marian Lower.

She was the love of his life, despite the fact that she had an extremely spiky personality.

She hid her pain behind sarcasm and a razor-sharp wit.

Marian was unplanned. Her parents were in their late fifties when she was born.

Marian's brother and sister were twenty years older.

Their mother gave Marian to Marian's sister.

"You take her," my great-grandmother said. "I'm done raising children."

Marian grew up feeling unwanted.

Then Curtis came along, and he fell head over heels for her.

In 1950, Curtis and Marian went to Iran. Curtis's job was--officially--to train the Imperial Iranian Gendarmerie.

I found his field notes.

He was doing a lot more than training gendarmes.

Marian loved Iran and the Iranians.

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So one day Curtis and Marian got caught in an anti-American protest. This was in 1952.

Marian got angry.

Before Curtis could stop her, Marian rolled down the window of their car.


The people near the car fell silent, and a man leaned down.

"Take it easy, lady," he said in perfect English. "We're all getting paid to do this."

Then he winked at Marian and went back to shouting anti-American slogans.

Marian thought it was extremely funny.

She never lost her love of Iran or the Iranians.

She died in 2006. I wrote this in 2013.

Like Marian, I have nothing against the Iranian people.


@ThomasWic I appreciate your sharing this with me. I have learned , over the past week or so that Iran's government may be skillful propagandists, but ultimately, the people are strong, courageous and will have their say.


We're seeing the death of all the ancient ways of seeing the region.

Multiple countries in and out of the region exploited the past, but all of that is ending.

We're going to see regional peace before Trump leaves office.


@ThomasWic @Give_Me_Liberty
We certainly are. It is absolutely amazing how the regime in Tehran is falling into a series of traps, literally being destroyed from the inside.
As you've said it correctly, this time, this regime change, will be done right.
Keep the next two months in close notice:
-FATF deadline
-JCPOA being buried for good
-And gaps between protest spikes decreasing dangerously for Iran's rulers.
Good days are ahead of us!

@HeshmatAlavi @ThomasWic @Give_Me_Liberty

Iranians know what it is to wander for forty years in the mullahs' desert. Long enough for a generation to be wiped out and a new one to question everything.

@StevenDouglas @HeshmatAlavi @ThomasWic I find myself wondering what a new Iran will look like, how long it will take to undo the repression and mind sets of the Mullahs,

@Give_Me_Liberty @HeshmatAlavi @ThomasWic

About as long as it took for our economy to skyrocket once the lids were removed. If the new leadership follows suit.

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