Merry Christmas to all my friends of the Christian faith & those celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

I have a strong feeling 2020 will be a special year & next Christmas Iran & all Iranians, including our wonderful Christian community, will be free.

Bless you all.


From your mouth to God’s ear!

Blessings on you and yours.

@HeshmatAlavi Merry Christmas,
Heshmat! Praying for freedom to
ALL Iranians; may they be released
from the bondage of the Mullahs.
“God Bless us every one”. Tiny Tim


Merry Christmas to you too! May 2020 bring many good things to the people of Iran!


Thank you. Blessings to you and your loved ones. ❤️

May Iran be free! 🙏🌟🕊

@HeshmatAlavi Merry Christmas to you Heshmat,praying for everyone in Iran🙏


Blessings to you Heshmat. Praying for a special year for you and all Iranians, to be free.


Thank you for your good wishes, Heshmat. Blessings also to you and your family.

Freedom for the Iranian people in 2020 would not only be a gift for them but also for the entire world.

@HeshmatAlavi Thank you Heshmat! Praying for the Iranian people that they will no longer be under the control of the regime. I feel 2020 will be the Year of the Middle East, with big positive changes in the region. God Bless the citizens of Iran and all Middle Eastern countries!


به خواست خدا ایران آزاد خواهد بود.

@HeshmatAlavi Blessings on you and the good work you do every day. Your reward is coming in the freedom and prosperity of the Iranian people.


Thank you for your good wishes. And thank you for sharing your insights with us. The world is many faceted.

@HeshmatAlavi Bless you and all your Christians. I know God Is doing wonderful things for all your believers and those with an open heart toward Christ.

Wishing you the very best Heshmat
I really enjoy reading your post. Stay safe and healthy sir

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