Hi everybody!
Twitter just suspended my account after this Intercept article.

The article raises many lies against me & was heavily promoted by pro-Iran regime accounts on Twitter.

I was not given a chance to reply.

I would appreciate it if you could use your Twitter accounts to raise your voice to Twitter & have my account unsuspended so I can reply to the allegations.

I have a thread ready.

Thank you in advance!

@HeshmatAlavi @THR @DuaneCates @drawandstrike @Debradelai @REX

Dear God, I’m sorry! I’ve been suspended or I’d help you.
I pray for you and your family as you know.
Extra prayers today!
for the people of Iran 🇮🇷

@HeshmatAlavi @DuaneCates @drawandstrike @Debradelai @REX

This is their M.O.
They make a targeted attack using a psycho little fake news media outlet and use that as an excuse to shut you down.

They used BuzzFeed in our situation.

This is your badge of honor and you will return better than ever.

Just don't worry, and stay positive my dear friend.

I also, have an Idea I will tell you later but now have to go.

@HeshmatAlavi make sure the first part of your thread is 240 characters or less that way I can just pop it right on Twitter. More than happy to help out any way I can my friend

Thank you my friend.
Everything is set for you to tweet it.


Everybody here can do something similar to what I just did on twitter.

Feel free to copy my edited copies of the OP's Plea!

@HeshmatAlavi This makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I find it strange that this occurred after you referenced a tweet by Amy Mek. Weird.

@swirlygal @HeshmatAlavi
It looks like Amy Mek hasn’t been able to tweet since 4/27.
Was she also suspended?

Twatter is a no-man’s land.

@rarity @HeshmatAlavi I honestly have no idea, but I can go back and show you what I saw, maybe? idk. let me look.


I was on a train and folks were spreading around what he was posting regarding a particular lady running for congress.


@rarity You are correct, no posts since April 27. Idk. I only know what I read.



Well, it appears we get three for the price of one!

I wonder if Forbes is one of those Far-Right publications they refer to.

@HeshmatAlavi judging from the reaction tweets from the opposition, you’ve got them running scared. I’ll retweet every post I can lay my hands on

I don't know why the morons at twitter think it's a good thing to have a purely left wing echo chamber by purging all non leftists as well as working with hostile governments to silence dissent.

I left twitter. I wont be part of that left wing fascism and I will not allow my presence anywhere to profit left wing fascists.

@Watcher9 @HeshmatAlavi I very recently left or I would help. I was Invisible so it wouldn’t help much anyway. Bastards!

@HeshmatAlavi I will - in the meantime, would you consider posting your response on QV, so we can link to the thread on Twitter?

@HeshmatAlavi I'm so sorry. You're reputation will be revived soon, screw the Intercept!!

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