“"Thank you most of all for putting up with the never-ending bullshit you have to go through.” ~ Lindsey Graham @ Trump Charleston rally

Coroner Retracts Statement in Obama Admin DHS Whistle-blower Phil Haney's Mysterious Death, Now Being Investigated as Possible Murder - Geller Report News
Gunshot residue tests would have to be done, looking for nitrate traces on his strong hand and cloth
Coroner Retracts Statement in Obama Admin DHS Whistle-blower Phil Haney’s Mysterious Death, Now Being Investigated as Possible Murder

Good piece about the impending end of Moore's Law.

We’re not prepared for the end of Moore’s Law

It has fueled prosperity of the last 50 years. But the end is now in sight.

by David Rotman


Anti-Israel protestor in Spain.

Can any of you think of a more repulsive obscenity than this?

Despicab;le vermin.

California law AB5 update:

There's been a blackout of news in Northern California, but as Southern California outlets are all over this (banning freelancers from working and exacting heavy fines from employers), it won't stay that way soon. There are many wine festivals coming up in Sonoma and Napa Valley, where freelance workers will find out they won't be hired anymore. I don't think the effect will really hit people for a few more months as we have festivals and county fairs coming up.

Trump's new intel chief makes immediate changes, ousts top official


"Pres Trump's new acting director of natl intel, Richard Grenell, has already made major changes at the agency, including ousting the No. 2 official.

Former acting Dir of Natl Intel Joseph Maguire & his deputy, Andrew Hallman, resigned on Friday. According to The New York Times, Grenell told Hallman, who has worked for natl intel & the CIA for three decades, that his service was no longer needed. ..."

I'm telling you guys, this same conversation is happening in black households all across this country.


58 municipalities governed by "Podemos" that insuferable trotskyite party financed by Iran and Venezuela and now part of the governing coalition in Spain have passed resolutions banning commercial dealings with Jews.

Yep. Your read right. Spain is now officially Germany in 1933.

Store fronts in those cities proudly state: "We do not trade with Jews."

That's what the left looks like unhindered.




Hospitals can REFUSE to treat patients if they think they are "racist" or "sexist"

In Britain the definition of "hate crime" is if anyone perceives it as such. NO EVIDENCE needed.

Welcome to 1984🤐

Thought crime = no doctor for you.


I'd say this Economics professor did the right thing, Fail the entire class when they insisted that socialism worked. Teacher averaged the test scores and gave everybody the same grade in the 3 tests. 😂

There are a few problems with Comrade ’s claims. First, he never had military training, let alone weapons training. He never even received leadership training.


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