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CNN Coronavirus (see.... not racist as didn't say China or Wuhan... I said CNN instead!) Tips For Democrats

If you would like to know a bit about Lebanon and the South Side of Chicago and what they have in common due to Muslim invasion then read on...

The ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’ was destroyed 45 years ago today

The New York Times loves to be mean. They attacked a very bright scientist (former chief atmospheric scientist at NASA) in his obituary of all places because as a bright scientist he had issues with the climate change idea. Dr. S. Fred Singer was a great man and a Holocaust survivor. The New York Times was once a good newspaper and has now announced they are nothing but political trash.

An obituary for The New York Times

Michigan has a tyrannical dictator for governor who issues dictates about things she knows zero about (or she wouldn't issue the dictates she does). She needs to go before she destroys the state. Whitmer is a totalitarian disaster.

Greenie Gretchen's great war on garden seeds

A federal judge issued an opinion striking down one of the impious and bigoted Democrat "emergency" laws for Easter. These draconian laws are written by the insane and unconstitutional on their face.

For Easter, a federal judge wrote a luminous decision defending religious liberty

Democrats are the most discriminatory people on earth. COVID19 and education are great opportunities for them to put this "wokeness" into practice. In Portland, Oregon they are using segregation for their COVID19 response.

Portland openly segregates citizens by race and sexuality

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Laura Ingraham

DOJ should announce its own task force to review all COVID-related orders by state and local governments to ensure that they are not violating our Constitutional rights.

4:47 PM · Apr 11, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

COVID19 has given Democrat Tyrants orgasms due to the power they wield against the little people.

Democrats seem to be enjoying this authoritarian moment

Radical leftist politicians and judges (aka politicians) look for excuses to keep people out of prison or let them out. COVID19 gave them an excuse and many released inmates. Common sense tells most of us criminals will go right back to being criminals as it's a way of life for them. Here is one example from New York City where it took less than two weeks to get caught again.

It has started: Convict let out on coronavirus concerns arrested for assault and robbery

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With very few exceptions, most libs/leftists I know are NOT like the corrupt 'elite' leftists we want to see destroyed.

MOST below that level are wonderful people in their own rights, with great redeeming qualities, political views/solutions notwithstanding.

It really is the same as the difference between the Chinese and Iranian Mullah governments -- evil and corrupt to their cores, and all the Chinese and Iranian people -- nay, families -- I personally know and love.


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Something CRITICAL to note about the above.

I don't remember where I learned this, but I once read how women and men (VERY generally speaking) 'relate' to things. And it's analogous to the conservative liberal divide.

To get my mother to like hockey (because I love it) all I had to do was talk about the personal lives of different players that I liked.

That's it! She just needed a personal connection - and trust in me. For twenty years before she passed she never missed a Sharks game.

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Very disappointed to see the comments to @REX when he left.

He joined Twitter and in less than 12 hours has 28K followers.

His first (!) of only four follows on twatter was

I cried my eyes out when he left.

We used to be able to talk to him here! He liked our posts and talked to us!

Our cherished discussion with him is lost on Twitter!

Anecdotal evidence has caused some of the greatest medical breakthroughs and saves lives. The AltLeftMedia and AltLeftDemocrats are not interested in saving lives. All they care about is gaining power and money.

Medical Advances Minus the Full Research Apparatus

Some articles are now recommending people take their business away from the anti-free speech folks at Twitter, Facebook, etc. and take it to free speech folks like Parler instead. I did that myself long ago!

Time for conservatives to fight back against leftist social media giants

Bidenites hate Sanders supporters as much as they hate everyone else who doesn't "fall in line". No class Democrats don't want anyone who won't follow the party desires.

Bidenites mock and insult grieving Bernie voters -- and expect party unity

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Iran: Coronavirus Update, Over 23,100 Deaths, April 9, 2020, 6:00 PM CEST
The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) announced this afternoon, April 9 that has taken the lives of more than 23,100 in 251 cities across .

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Judge Tosses Out ACLU’s Attempt To Stop A County From Cooperating With ICE

"A judge in Colorado dismissed a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against the Teller County Sheriff’s Office that argued it was breaking the law by cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ..."

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TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) Tweeted:

The media are positioning Dr. Fauci to be the tip of their spear when President @realDonaldTrump decides to open the economy.

Fauci will kick up a political stink; might even quit; and will be compensated with a book deal (money laundering) for his efforts.

A Chinese conglomerate owned company is facing bankruptcy thanks to the Coronavirus. Would be great to see a large Chinese company get bought in bankruptcy sale by a non-Chinese conservative company.

AMC Theatres "Bankruptcy Appears Likely," Analyst Says

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