We were discussing (among other things) the case of Bob Levinson.

It's about time we did something about that.

Bob's continuing imprisonment in Iran is a blot on America's conscience.


Can’t wait to watch Joe & Hunter testify under oath in the Senate Trial.

I'm having dinner with my son in Danville, VA.

As the waitress brought our food, she said: "your meal is paid by another table. They told me to tell you Merry Christmas". As I looked around in astonishment, she added oh, they're gone, you can't even say thank you.

Holy crap. I heard stories like this, but never happened to me.

In the off chance they read this, thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you!


For @HeshmatAlavi

Iran is the prize, so multiple tests have to be made first.

Watch this video from Iraq.


Sean Davis
A top Mueller source during the anti-Trump Russia probe -- a pedophile and child porn trafficker whom Mueller refused to arrest -- was just indicted for running an illegal campaign contribution scheme in 2016 on *Hillary Clinton's* behalf. justice.gov/opa/pr/california-

@ilumanous et al.

(1) I'm more than four weeks behind, but here we go.

This year we celebrated 527 years since the day a sailor with balls made of cement and steel touched land in Guanahani (left), a tiny island we are now almost certain was San Salvador, in the Bahamas.

And changed history.

Juan de la Cosa, the owner of the Santa María, left us a map (right) to find it.

As an Aside, in his diary, Colón told us how COLD it was...

@Hawkfc_joel @REX \
\Tengo el video completo. Roures, hijodemilputas trostkista de mierda que le declaró al diario comunista de Francia que "todo lo que gano lo pongo al servicio de la revolución."

Cabrón financista de los separatistas catalanes y socio de Qatar e Irán. Y luego me vienen a joder con Soros.

PHILADELPHIA — Nov. 27, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested unlawfully present Guatemalan national for sexual abuse against children after he was released from police custody. This was the second time Philadelphia Police Department released this sexual predator onto the streets, despite an ICE detainer lodged against him in both cases.


I wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!!


These Fascist Unionists have been pulling the same stunt for decades, in an effort to maintain hight subsidies that cost the French people enormous amounts every year just to feed themselves.

This has nothing to to with Trump or with any movement against "dictators and corrupt politicians."

The opposite is true.

Why would any freedom loving conservative support these socialist asswipes is beyond belief.

Ignorance is the Socialists best friend.

@SidneyPowell OAN Nov 22nd interview

Ms Powell believes there will be information that will benefit @GenFlynn's case.



For @DuaneCates

You wrote, "The GOP is becoming APOPLECTIC with rage at how Schiff is running the Hearing.
It's worse than I'd ever imagined.
One SURE FIRE WAY to get those R Designated Rascals to back Trump is for the Dems to ignore/slight them like this."


Meanwhile in Mexico...
“Pensiones para los mestizos desde los 68 años y para los indígenas desde los 65 años”
AMLO doesn’t even bother to hide his racism.
@Debradelai @whernandez

Brave woman tears down a "Death to America" poster.

The crowd is heard chanting, "Death to the dictator," in a reference to @Khamenei_ir.

Iranians have no enmity against the U.S. or the American people.

This is a 40-year lie promoted by the mullahs only.

Nov 17 - Tehran,
Protests continue into the night as locals seek to block roads.

Reports from Fardis near Karaj (west of Tehran) indicate people are taking over various areas & many administrative offices have been torched.

"a night of skirmishes between security forces and coca farmers loyal to ousted President Evo Morales that left at least eight dead."

coca farmers loyal to ousted President Evo Morales

coca farmers loyal to ousted President Evo Morales

coca farmers loyal to ousted President Evo Morales

coca farmers loyal to ousted President Evo Morales

Enough said.


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