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Wow that's Plenty Unkind Saul. As was the non answer to my question. My question was directed to Thomas Wictor & it was sincere not sarcastic as I stated.

I myself am unlearned on many things and I stayed here to learn. Though I am late to the game I have good intentions.

Yes, you can help if you would like. I made a small donation yesterday because you barked at me before & I didn't think I would last here.



I enjoy the history and religious aspect on Bannon and I like some of his guests. Way back in the day I would wait for Sean Hannity to stop talking about himself, hit unmute and then listen to the guests. 🤣

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I don't watch Newsmax or any MSM. David French is a lib note even a CINO.

I agree with @KittyKat. Stop listening.

They get paid to bloviate, and go with the wind. They are harmful!

Turn that crud off !

@kittykatt Thanks!

I don't listen to that crud.


Been that way for years.

But I do watch Steve Bannon & his guests. The thoughts I have on election fraud are my own and have been for a long while. Some people with the lets just get to 2022 shock me a bit. 🤯


- said by General Jerry Boykin, a legendary former officer, combat several times, and previous political appointee who was one of the brave special operations troops who infiltrated Iran on April 24-25, 1980 in an attempt to rescue 52 Americans being held hostage.

He is now the Executive Vice President of the renowned Family Research Council, an ordained minister, and appears in the media with his wisdom.

@Lolosmom that was my point the other day on Naive Pundits. Steve Cortez, whom I admire, was talking about the Latino vote for 2022. I said to myself "at this point why are we focused on that when they stole the White House?" It's like nonsense at this point. I hope for better days. Not to be negative but the evil of these people who lie, cheat and worse is not to be underestimated.

@Lolosmom Thanks for the reply. I have believed for the longest time that Pelosi, Boxer, Mad Maxine and Newson where placed there by fraud. There has to be sane people in CA, the ones who aren't sadly living in tents. Who would logically support the state of things as they r there? There has to be sanity somewhere. As we have just seen the power of the peoples vote has been stripped.

@RonOgletree @Debradelai @ThomasWic There is utter corruption at the lowest levels. That is basically my point. I'm not in the pool yet of people who think that they control what happens. It is frightfully brilliant what they pulled off thus far but I believe to their own demise (but not through voting)

To those who are developing a habit of pooh-poohing @ThomasWic, please refrain from doing so until you’ve followed him for at least three years. You will be amazed at how many of his “wild predictions” — aka astute analyses — bear out over time.

He was predicting peace in the Middle East, major reform in Saudi Arabia, and the third revolution in military affairs years ago while everyone was crying doom and gloom over ISIS.

@tamara @ThomasWic would you happen to know where I can find the 5 links he mentioned last night. I'm late to the party as always 🙃

@Debradelai @ThomasWic just 2 b clear, i'm not advocating to not vote republican or for a 3rd party, I'm asking if a 2022 given is logical based on what we has been revealed thus far by experts, not internet gurus.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic Thanks Saul 4 the response. I don't hv proof of it. I used Romney as an example becuz Thomas mentioned him & that " voters" put him there. 2 me it could be any "useful" seat 4 instance putting those lugnuts in the BG states or the 2 radicals in GA. My question was Y do they think 2022 is a given considering the election fraud (the obvious 1's). (I think Joanne stated that on utube last night & Thomas concurred) Do we not think they will b perfecting their craft? Thanks.

@JonGrubb @ThomasWic Thanks for the reply. Thomas mentioned Romney but it could have been any useful seat. When the Presidency has been taken, smaller offices must be much easier. The Fat Lady is a maestro!

@ThomasWic I have a question(s) for you related to something you said on Beard Blather:

You had said that the Utah voters put Romney in the Senate.

This is going to sound sarcastic but it's not. Did the American voters put Biden in Office? Of course not. Yet as a coordinated effort he was successful getting the White House (as of today). Maybe Romney too? We don't know

How can 2022 even be considered a given for Republicans with the Fraud? I can't wrap my mind around that.

Thank you!

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I'm back!

The reason I came back is that it appears that Trump is in no hurry.

But he's going to act.


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