@ThomasWic I have a question(s) for you related to something you said on Beard Blather:

You had said that the Utah voters put Romney in the Senate.

This is going to sound sarcastic but it's not. Did the American voters put Biden in Office? Of course not. Yet as a coordinated effort he was successful getting the White House (as of today). Maybe Romney too? We don't know

How can 2022 even be considered a given for Republicans with the Fraud? I can't wrap my mind around that.

Thank you!

@HappyHermit @ThomasWic

I think you're both right.

While it's highly plausible both sides have benefited from election theft in the past, I believe Romney was legitimately elected in Utah due to 1) his political persona (totally fake, but convincing to the uninformed) and 2) his involvement in the LDS church.

Ironically, here in East Idaho (3 hours from SLC and predominantly LDS), he's now viewed *openly* as a turncoat. Local, conservative radio rake him over the coals every day.

@HappyHermit @ThomasWic

I live on the southern Oregon Coast where it is red territory. I see people all the time say we voted in what we are receiving. (If I am catching your drift here...) I am not from here, but Oregon was a red state until they made it mail only voting. We did not vote these crazy officials in. Portlan and the corridor to Salem completely trash and ruin this beautiful area.

@HappyHermit @ThomasWic

If you have ANY proof that Romney was fraudulently elected as Senator in is the time to present it.

I'll wait.

@Allovergirl @HappyHermit @ThomasWic

Let's start with this:

There is fraud in every election, but not every election is fraudulent.

@Debradelai @HappyHermit @ThomasWic I think I'll be bowing out if this site if I've traded twitter overlord for this sites pomposity. Asking someone a question should be a reasonable thing, not answered with semantics, Saul.

@HappyHermit @Debradelai @ThomasWic

It is no longer either of those as major factors.

Until the voting systems of each state are addressed, none of the others matter as a prime factor.

Think of it, they have now certified the steal and they control what happens to it.

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