@HappyHermit That is quite interesting!!! Sort of like the different between getting annulled and divorced!!

Does this imply that a President removed via the Writ of Quo Warranto, you wouldn’t have to undo their actions as all of their EO’s etc would automatically be null and void, as if they never existed?!?


I think he loves us and we love him - in a Presidential way!!! I don’t know how he was able to accomplish everything he did.. he’s a miracle worker!! If you count the legal votes, he was elected in a landslide and I’m sticking to that!!

I’m all ears, so please keep us posted!! I noticed the other article said they plan future articles and even a podcast on the subject:



@charlotte1958 The foundation of our country is LIFE. If you have no life you have no need of liberty and happiness. Peeps thinks it's politics only. It is not. Why would the good Lord bless us when we don't bless His Will.

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