Steve Scalise

The election isn’t over until all legal votes are counted and certified. There are still serious legal challenges that have been made, and until that process is resolved, the election is not final.

The American people deserve a fair and transparent process.

Tom Fitton

Fact check: True.

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Jenna Ellis
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Media coordinated efforts are attempting to simply declare Joe Biden the president and ignore the rule of law. There is no official winner until every legal vote is counted accurately, the states certify results, and all legal challenges are resolved.

The cheating was nationwide, not just in the battleground and contested states. All 50 states need to be looked at carefully to see if there are discrepancies in the vote. How many votes for Biden compared to votes for the Congressional candidate in a single district? Check ALL.

DJT has layers of options for justice. Fed courts will do their part on the foot soldiers. Using The Hammer is domestic terror-Tried by a military tribunal. That’s coming. Public excoriation. Treason. It’s all there for the taking...because they took the bait. He knew they couldn’t resist. Nor did they have another option. It was checkmate. But if they let him win...they could live to fight another day...they torched the olive branch...the gloves are off and scorched earth is coming.

Rogan O’Handley 

America is literally under attack

If Dems were confident about the court cases, they would’ve waited to announce Biden as the winner

But they know their fraud will be exposed

That’s why they’re trying to spike the football before the play can be challenged

Imagine celebrating a win before recounts, audits, and court cases have been resolved in a razor close election

Just imagine

We are witnessing a coup

What did she know?
Nancy pelosi says joe Biden is the next president no matter the vote count via @YouTube

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